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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Deception: Book 2 in the Berlin Butterfly Series By Leah Moyes-Official Book Blitz and Giveaway

 Leah Moyes happily lives in the sunny state of Arizona…year-round. She is the biological mother of four but claims many more. After a career in the airlines and teaching high school sciences, she has pursued her life-long dream to become an Archaeologist and currently works under the guidance and direction of amazing Archaeologists at Arizona State University. Between writing and archaeological digs, the world has become her playground.

Berlin Butterfly is her first Historical Fiction Series.

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Promises. Devotion. Deception. Betrayal.

It’s 1966 in East Berlin, Germany. The Wall is reinforced with cinder blocks, barbed wire, tank traps and second-generation guard towers to oversee what is known as the death strip. It’s function successfully claims a steady stream of victims longing for freedom and willing to risk everything to escape the destruction known as the Deutche Democratic Republic.
Ella Kühn now in her twenties, faithfully awaits the end of “spoiler alert” ‘s ten-year military sentence, yearning for the moment they will finally be together.
A mysterious disappearance, startling news from the West and surprising betrayal wrench Ella’s dedicated resolve in shocking directions. Her stubborn curiosity and devotion to those she loves pushes her to pursue answers in the face of doubt, danger and even death.

In Deception, book 2 of the “Berlin Butterfly” series, Ella’s search for light in an ever-growing darkness introduces her to new friends, perilous associations and deadly exploits. Will “spoiler alert” ’s love and the belief that he will return be enough to keep Ella on the East side of the wall? Or does heartache and treachery push her to join the family and a life of freedom she longs for?


I hesitated. Ella, you must be crazy. Crouching to my knees, my light flashed through but could not reach the end. Blackness strangled my tiny stream of light. What if someone is still here? I tried not to think of the consequences, driven with a curiosity to know what these people were up to. My suspicions were probable, yet I needed to know!

With the flashlight tightly between my teeth, I crawled on all four limbs underneath the boards. Surprisingly, I managed it easily with room to spare, not even touching what appeared to be fragile wooden slats. It was a good ten steps before another room appeared, filled with debris though not a cave-in as assumed. I stood upright. Concrete blocks and rubbish challenged another small entry but didn’t completely obstruct it. Maneuvering past and down that hall, a circular stairway came into view. Again, the blackness was impenetrable with my torch, yet my step to the first metal rung was without hesitation. My fingers clutched the railing as if I would plunge to my death. Each subsequent step, a chill nipped upward, and a slight breeze fanned my skirt as I descended. Emotion swelled my chest. What would I find? What lay ahead?

When my foot reached a dirt floor, I spun around to behold a few chairs, a table, and an unhinged door lying against the wall. Rubbing my cold arms, I stepped closer to the door. My fingers reached out and ran along the edges, but as I gripped it, they turned ice cold. I pulled the door carefully towards me as a frigid draft escaped. With a wider rift, a black corridor appeared, blocked by a small cart filled with dirt. My heart nearly stopped.

A tunnel!

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