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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Time Management For Creative People By Deidra Eden: Official Book Blitz and Giveaway


Deirdra has spent the last decade captivating audiences of all ages with her novels and fairy tales. Her specialty is paranormal theology that delves into documented historical phenomenon and natural disasters of biblical proportions. 

Chances are you’ve tried and failed with spreadsheets, agendas, day planners, and other mathematical and finite ways of measuring time. Applying the strict regimes of industrial systems to a creative mind can kill creativity, damper the enjoyment of your work, and knock you off balance.

In this workbook you will learn to balance, organize, and prioritize all you need to get done by living your life in creative cycles and seasons while maximizing your high and low energy times the way you were meant to.

Your creativity is a powerful force that can be harnessed, focused, controlled, commanded, and become a powerful ability as you masterfully channel your desire to create into the powerful motivating force it is meant to be.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Forget Me Not (The Gents Book #1) By Sarah M. Eden: Book Review and Book Giveaway



Product Details

  • Title: Forget Me Not
  • Author: Sarah M. Eden
  • Series: The Gents Book #1
  • File Size : 1471 KB
  • Publisher : Covenant Communications (September 7, 2020)
  • Publication Date : September 7, 2020
  • Print Length : 251 pages
  • ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own*** 

 Book Summary

Nottinghamshire, 1785

Julia Cummings has long been acquainted with loss-her mother, her brother, her sister, her friend, all gone too soon. But the loss that pushed her grief to the limit as a young girl was that of her best friend, Lucas Jonquil, who abandoned her without looking back. Now, eight years later, Lucas has returned to Lampton Park, and Julia has steeled herself-she will never forgive the man who broke her heart.

After losing too many of his friends and family to early deaths, Lucas vowed to live life to the fullest. And after traversing the world, he has returned from his adventures to find his family and home as he left them-except for Julia. The little girl he left behind has blossomed into a captivating lady, a lady who makes it clear she despises him. With little hope of reconciliation, the former friends are blindsided when their parents make a shocking announcement. Lucas and Julia have been betrothed without their knowledge and are to marry immediately. Now Lucas must rely on the help of his closest friends to win the heart of a lady who loathes him-a lady he’s coming to love more deeply every day.


My Review

 Sarah Eden has again written a wonderful novel full of great characters (I love the Gents!), emotional scenes, funny moments, and of course the sweet romance. It was exciting to finally read about the parents of the Jonquil brothers and how their family started. I have loved the many stories of the Jonquils and Lancaster families. It was most surprising to find out how Lucas and Julia had a rocky start in their forced marriage. They'd been childhood friends who had grown apart which had left them on a rocky road. 

The story came to life for me when Lucas's group of friends came to visit Lucas and Julia to "Help" them in their struggling marriage. The Gents were more like brothers than just friends. Once I realized where this series was going I was SO excited! I can see how each of the Gents are going to get their own book and love story. They are such a unique and eclectic group of men. These charming men win Julia over and Lucas wises up and a happy love story comes about for Julia healing her heart. 

Sarah Eden fans will love this book. Those who've never read one of her books will be taken in and fall in love with her wonderful writing. This clean romance is recommended for upper teens and adults. Don't forget to pick up your own copy of, Forget Me Not.

 Meet Author Sarah M. Eden

Sarah M. Eden is a USA Today best-selling author of witty and charming historical romances, including 2019’s Foreword Reviews INDIE Awards Gold Winner for Romance, The Lady and the Highwayman, and 2020 Holt Medallion finalist, Healing Hearts. She is a two-time “Best of State” Gold Medal winner for fiction and a three-time Whitney Award winner. Combining her obsession with history and her affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting deep characters and heartfelt romances set against rich historical backdrops. She holds a bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library. 

Sarah is represented by Pam Pho at D4EO Literary Agency.​

Learn more about Sarah and her books HERE:

Purchase Forget Me Not on Kindle for only $5.99


Awards & Recognitions

  • Seeking Persephone, 2008 Whitney Award finalist, Romance

  • Courting Miss Lancaster, 2010 Whitney Award finalist, Romance

  • Longing for Home, 2013 Foreword Reviews IndieFab “Book of the Year” Gold Medalist, Romance

  • Longing for Home, 2013 AML winner “Novel of the Year”

  • Longing for Home, 2013 Whitney Award finalist, Romance

  • Longing for Home: Hope Springs, 2014 Whitney Award winner, "Best Novel of the Year,"

  • Longing for Home: Hope Springs, 2014 Whitney Award winner, "Best Romance,"

  • Longing for Home: Hope Springs, 2014 Foreword Reviews INDIE Award finalist

  • The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, 2016 Foreword Reviews INDIE Award finalist

  • The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, 2016 Whitney Award finalist

  • Sarah M. Eden 2017 Best of State, Gold Medal winner, Fiction.

  • Love Remains, 2017 Whitney Award winner, “Best Romance”

  • Sarah M. Eden 2018 Best of State, Gold Medal winner, Short Story.

  • Ashes on the Moor, 2018 Foreword Reviews INDIE Award, Silver Medalist, Romance

  • The Heart of a Vicar, 2019 Foreword Reviews INDIE Award finalist

  • The Lady and the Highwayman, 2019 Foreword Reviews INDIE Award, Gold Medalist, Romance

  • Healing Hearts, 2019 Holt Medallion finalist

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Kingfisher: A Suspense Novel By Clair M. Poulson: Book Review


Product Details

  • Title: Kingfisher: A Suspense Novel
  • Author: Clair M. Poulson
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Paperback : 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1524412570
  • Publisher : Covenant Communications, Inc. (August 3, 2020)
  •  ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own*** 
 Book Summary
Rancher Kit Troxley loves the thrill of the racetrack. He is well aware that horse racing can be a perilous sport, but when ruthless jockey Sam Overmyer cheats him for the win, Kit's eyes are opened to the dark side of the competition. After accusing Sam of foul play, Kit discovers that horses don't pose the only danger on the track—Sam's fury has followed Kit back to his Utah ranch, and the man is out for vengeance. His agenda is to destroy Kit's life one piece at a time—and why not start big, with an accusation of murder? As Kit struggles to prove his innocence, he must rely on his faithful family and friends for help. But even as he stays one step ahead of Sam's wrath, Kit soon realizes that simple vindication will never be enough for his opponent. What began as a feud on the track has turned into a deadly game of cat and mouse, and Kit will be lucky if he makes it out alive.
My Review
Kingfisher was a great suspense that involved the great big world of horse racing. Right from the start, the action happens which pulls you into the story and into the struggles facing the main characters. In this novel you know right away who the bad guys are and their motivations. The suspense is never knowing what horrible things they are going to do next. 
Kit and his twin sister Paizlee are very likable and you definitely root for them as they face all of the trials caused by Sam and his cousin. I also loved so many of the side characters from Lawrence the attorney, to the PI Brandon, and Randall Overmyer (Sam's father). Clearly Randall changes a lot in the story and he realizes the terrible things his son has done. The sorrow comes when certain characters see no need for redemption. 
I've read many books written by this author. It ranks up there with the rest for being a great suspense filled with many surprises that keeps the action going. Clair Poulson knows this genre well and you're always in for a great read when you pick up one of his books. 
 Meet Author Clair M. Poulson

Clair M. Poulson was born and raised in Duchesne, Utah. His father was a rancher and farmer, his mother a librarian. Clair has always been an avid reader, having found his love for books as a very young boy.

He has served for forty years in the criminal justice system. Twenty years were spent in law enforcement, ending his police career with eight years as the Duchesne County Sheriff. For the past twenty years Clair has worked as a justice court judge for Duchesne County. Clair is also a veteran of the US Army where he was a military policeman. He has served on various boards and councils during his professional career, including the Justice Court Board of Judges, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Utah Judicial Council, Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, an FBI advisory board and others.

In addition to his criminal justice work, Clair has farmed and ranched all of his life. He has raised many kinds of animals, but his greatest interest is horses.

Clair has served in many capacities in the LDS church, including fulltime missionary (California Mission) bishop, counselor to bishop, young men president, high councilor, stake mission president, scoutmaster, High Priest group leader, etc. He currently serves as a Sunday School teacher.

Clair is married to Ruth, and together, they have five children, all of whom are married: Alan (Vicena) Poulson, Kelly Ann (Wade) Hatch, Amanda (Ben) Semadeni, Wade (Brooke) Poulson, and Mary (Tyler) Hicken. Between them they have twenty-three children. Clair and Ruth met while both were students at Snow College and were married in the Manti temple.

Clair has always loved telling his children, and later his grandchildren, make-up stories. His vast experience in life and his love of literature has always contributed to both his telling stories to children and his writing of adventure and suspense novels.
Learn more about Clair and his books HERE:  
Purchase Kingfisher HERE: 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

What She Left Behind By Rebecca Caswell: Official Book Blitz and Giveaway

In life we are blessed to have those who we love. Those we depend on. Those whose very existence proved to help to shape and form us into the very person we are. But what happens when you lose someone whose light, love, and strength brought so much significance and guidance to your life? How do families navigate through the pain of losing a mentor, mother, wife, and friend? What happens as the family dynamics begin to change and shift? After our lives are turned upside down do we ever find ourselves back to a new normal? What She Left Behind is a deep emotional journey that takes you into the abyss of love and loss. It is a memoir of a fight with grief. It takes you down a winding personal account of tragic events and one woman's struggle to find who she really is without the love and strength of her mother. Caught between holding on and letting go, she attempts to weed through the pain and trails that the family faces. This is a story about finding our way out of the depths of heartache and the redemptive way we find ourselves back home.

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Rebecca Caswell is a writer living in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. She is a joy-filled wife and mother of three. When Rebecca is not writing, she runs a salon and furniture renovating business called Teal House Beauty Lounge.

What She Left Behind is Rebecca’s first book. She wrote it hoping to help others cope with the profound losses that we all must face.  

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We file into the board room. Quite literally, that is what it is, a staff board room. It's the only place available that would allow both privacy and sufficient space with chairs to accommodate us all. I think back to better times when the family meetings only indicated one of two things. One, mom was pregnant again, and we would be welcoming yet another family member. Or two, we were moving. I would gladly accept either alternative at this point. After ushering us into the room, both doctors stand awkwardly in the doorway as we settle in dispersing boxes of Kleenex across the long table within everyone's reach. Blown noses, red faces, and puffy lips surround the table. None of us will talk while in this state. And I realize for the first time in a long time how much alike we are more so than different. I look across the table and see that each face mirrors my own. We are in this together, and I take comfort in that. We feel closer and more united than ever. At this moment, we share the same fate.

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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Lost Wonderland Diaries By J. Scott Savage-Book Review and Exclusive Author Interview!

Lewis Carroll, author of the classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,secretly recorded the true story of his actual travels to Wonderland in four journals which have been lost to the world . . . until now.Celia and Tyrus discover the legendary Lost Diaries of Wonderland and fall into a portal that pulls them into the same fantasy world as the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. However, Wonderland has vastly changed. Some of the characters that Tyrus remembers from the book have been transformed into angry monsters.Helped by the Cheshire Cat and a new character, Sylvan, a young rabbit, Celia and Tyrus desperately work to solve puzzles and riddles, looking for a way out of Wonderland. But the danger increases when the Queen of Hearts begins hunting them, believing the two young visitors hold the key to opening multiple portals to multiple worlds, and she will stop at nothing to capture them.Will the crazed creatures of Wonderland escape into the real world? Can Celia and Tyrus stop them and save both worlds? Or will they be trapped in Wonderland forever?


 J.Scott Savage Discusses: The Lost Wonderland Diaries


 My Review

First off, you have to read this new book. The Lost Wonderland Diaries by J. Scott Savage is such a fun book. I read Alice's Adventure in Wonderland many years ago. Reading this new book brought back so many memories of that first read, but honestly, I loved The Lost Wonderland Diaries even better! You must also know that this is not a retelling but an adventure back in Wonderland many years later. The main characters Celia and Tyson are so relatable to kids now days. They are normal but also have unique situations as Celia is dyslexic and often feels alone in her struggles and Tyson is an avid reader who is often bullied because of his love of books. I love how their "oddness" turns out to be their greatest assets during the novel as they use their strengths to problem solve.  

Another thing I loved so much in the novel were all of the rhymes, riddles, and math problems. As I was reading, I kept thinking how much kids are going to love reading this book. I was absolutely intrigued and delighted with trying to figure out the puzzles. The author is so brilliant with everything he has written in this book and showcases what a wonderful writer he truly is.

This charming book will take children and adults on a great new epic episode in the land where we first met the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. The beautiful thing is, anyone can pick up this book and have a great read without never having read or heard of Alice in Wonderland before. The Lost Wonderland Diaries brings a fresh new experience that will enchant Middle-Grade readers and teach some great lessons about tolerance, friendship, and believing in yourself.


 *****Exclusive Author Interview With 

Author J. Scott Savage****

1)How old were you when you first read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? Who was your favorite character?

I remember it very well. I was either nine or ten and we were staying at a friend’s cabin. I was sitting out on the balcony eating green apples, smelling pines trees, and reading. (Is it any wonder I would love that?!) I was just amazed at how fun the nonsense was, and how the more you read it, the more logical it became, if that makes sense.

Back then, my favorite character was the Cheshire cat. Later I fell in love with Hatter. But when I wrote this series, I discovered my favorite character is now Alice. At the time Lewis Carroll wrote the books, having a young girl as a narrator was unheard of, and she is really what pulls the whole world together.


2) How did you come up with the character of Celia? Did you plan from the start to have her be dyslexic?

I almost always start my books with characters. For some reason they pull everything else into focus. With this series, though, I started with the fact that four of Lewis Carroll’s diaries disappeared after his death. How can you not want to write a story about that?

But as soon as I decided the main character would be a descendant of Lewis Carroll, I knew she would be dyslexic. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe it was because Alice was such a ground-breaking narrator that I wanted one as well, and we need more neurodivergent main characters in kids’ novels. They are so tough and misunderstood. I especially like having a dyslexic girl, because you don’t see that very much in fiction.

The trick was learning enough about neurodivergent people to get it right. It’s not just a few mixed up letters, it’s a huge part of who that person is, and often, how they view themselves.


3)How long did it take you to write The Lost Wonderland Diaries from first thought to final draft? Was it an easy book to write?

I’d say about three months of writing and another three months of editing. The fun part was jumping into a world I love so much. The hard part was writing a story that makes the reader feel like they are actually in Lewis Carroll’s world. His voice and writing style are very unique.

I wanted to write a story that would appeal to three groups of readers: People who have never seen the movies or read the books, people who know the movies and the basic characters but don’t know much about the original books, and people who love the books and want an authentic experience. For kids who are just looking for an exciting adventure, I think they’ll be able to jump into the story without knowing the Alice books, but I love when people saying reading my books made them want to go back and read the originals.



4) I know there has to be a book two. Will there be new main characters or will Celia and Tyrus be back. I really loved both of them so I hope we'll see them again.

Celia and Tyrus will definitely be back. It’s a new place—The Looking-Glass World—and a new adventure, so readers who haven’t read book one will still be able to appreciate it, but readers who know the characters from book one will have lots of fun with book two.

Also, if you read to the very, very last page of book one, I left a little Easter egg scene hinting and a couple of other characters we will see again.


5) Did you come up with all of the rhymes/riddles and math puzzles yourself or did you have helpers? They were some of my favorite parts of the books!

Almost all of them! I love coming up with cool puzzles for my characters to figure out because it lets the reader feel like they are helping complete the adventure as well. After I turned in the first draft, my publisher told me which riddles they liked and which ones that wanted me to change a little.

But there is a scene where Celia and Tyrus must untangle knots from a mouse’s tail by solving math problems. Lewis Carroll’s real name was Charles Dodgson, and he was a math professor who created lots of fun math games and problems. For a while, he wrote a column called Math Knots. I couldn’t resist borrowing a couple of those to untie the math knots in the mouse’s tail.

About the Author: 

 J. SCOTT SAVAGE is the author of both the Mysteries of Cove and the Farworld middle grade fantasy series and the Case File 13 middle grade monster series. He has published 19 books, visited more than 3,000 schools, and taught dozens of writing classes.For author interview requests, please contact Callie Hansen at

Learn more about J.Scott Savage and his books HERE:


 Advanced Praise:

 Savage pays homage to Carroll's world with imagination as well as a notable love for math and literature while adding his own ingenious twists to the original. Both Celia and Tyrus struggle with bullying back home, and Celia's dyslexia is a constant source of frustration when other kids underestimate her intelligence, and the book ultimately offers a message of empowerment and self-love. A fun and clever return to Wonderland.-Kirkus 


“It's very clear that Scott not only loves the [Wonderland] books, but he GETS them. He gets Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson. His love of wordplay, which is so often missing from sequels and interpretations! The math! The names! The puns! What a delight! This is both an action-adventure and a wonderful exploration of Wonderland, and written with such sensitivity, too, toward the new main characters and the original characters!”-Jessica Day George, NYT bestselling author 


A whimsical adventure packed with clever puzzles and plenty of heart. Whether you're already a fan of Wonderland, or new to Lewis Carroll's world, you'll be so glad you fell down this rabbit hole!-Shannon Messenger, NYT bestselling author


Purchase your copy of The Lost Wonderland Diaries HERE: