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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Twelve New Life Commandments

Every day my inbox fills up with many e-mails I glance at and delete. Every once in a awhile, something comes through that makes me stop and really read and think about what is being said. With the political storm that is rushing through our country at the moment, I wanted to share something that would touch you on a deep and personal level. We all need those moments of self reflection to see how we are doing in this life. What kind of person am I? What choices do I make daily that affect me, my family or the world? Am I happy or I am making my own unhappiness by the things I do? So, here are Twelve New Commandments to observe in your life, that will hopefully make a positive difference in how you live and how you interact with others.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

According to My Kids....

My friend Stephanie had this on her blog and I thought I should try it.

I wanted to try it because I was curious what my kids would say. I also

thought it might give you some added insight into who I really am.

According to my Kids.....

What is something your Mom always says to you?

-my 1o year old daughter: "Put your shoes/clothes away"

-my 6 year old son: "Clean up your room"

What makes Mom Happy?

-daughter: "When we obey"

-son: "Me being a good boy"

What makes Mom sad?

-daughter: "When we fight or if we don't try new foods"

-son: "Not being a good boy"

How does your Mom make you laugh?

-daughter: "When you are tired you are really funny!" {I must have been a real blast the past month being so tired with so many changes in my life and starting a new job!!}

-son: "When you make silly faces"

How old is your Mom?

-daughter: "Forty something"

-son: "20" {Do you see why I love him?}

How tall is your Mom?

-daughter: "6'2" {really??}

-son: "1 inch tall" answer was given with a huge giggle

What is her favorite thing to do?

- daughter: "Read and making us happy!"

-son: "Reading books"

My kids know me well. Just like Belle, my nose is often stuck in a book!

What does your Mom do when you are not around?

-daughter: "Read, clean or you are on the computer"

-son: "Crying for me because I left"

What is your Mom really good at?

-daughter: " You are a good Mom and are good at reading and cooking"

-son: "Helping me"

What is your Mom not very good at?

-daughter: "Drawing and being a bad Mom"

-son: "I can't think of anything" I must be perfect in his eyes! Ha ha!

How do you know that your Mom loves you?

-daughter: "You show us through helping us in things we plain can't do. You show affection

by encouraging us, tucking us in, and so many other things."

-son: "You give me hugs and kisses"

This was very enlightening for me; hearing what my kids thought about me. I can see

the good things that I am doing and ways to improve as a Mom. But I can tell they know that

I love them and will do anything for them. I challenge, you other Moms or Dads, to try this same little experiment; it may surprise you what will come out of your children's mouths.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Love Letters of Joseph and Emma

By: Angela Eschler

Published by Covenant Communications (2008)

I needed to tell everyone about a beautiful new book written by a friend of mine, Angela Eschler. This book is a very moving and inspiring book about the personal correspondence between the Prophet Joseph and his beloved wife, Emma. The illustrations are done by the amazing artist Liz Lemon Swindle. The pictures in this book are some of my favorites done of Joseph and Emma.

The chapter titles give you a brief glimpse at the heartfelt letters that were written back and forth between this great prophet and his faithful wife. The titles are Love and Devotion, Sorrow and Separation, Consolation and Companionship, Faith and Adversity, and Reunion and Peace. This is a short, but heart wrenching read, as Angela covers the span of their 17 year marriage through the happiness and many sorrows that accompanied their lives.

At a recent book signing, Angela told us that the front and back inside covers are her favorite part. She was able to go and view the actual letters of Joseph and Emma. They were given permission to copy the letters and use them on the inside covers of the book. I also loved being able to view the actual handwriting of the Prophet Joseph and Emma.

Angela uses many quotes and scriptures as she recounts many of the trials that decorated Joseph and Emma's lives and how they were strengthened by Heavenly Father to endure the trials and tribulations. One quote that inspired me was about Emma, written by her mother in law, Lucy Mack Smith in The History of Joseph Smith by his Mother, "I have never seen a woman in my life who would endure every species of fatigue and hardship, from month to month, and from year to year, with that unflinching courage, zeal and patience which [Emma] has ever done....It may be that many may have to encounter the same...May they have grace given to them according to their day, even as has been the case with her." These are truely words that all women need to hear in these last days as we work valiantly to raise our own children and endure our own difficulties.

Thank you Angela and Liz for giving the world such a lovely glimpse of such a devoted couple who showed the world, that despite hardships and sorrows, their eternal love stayed strong.