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We Lived in Heaven: Spiritual Accounts of Souls Coming to Earth
Christ's gifts to women
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Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island
With a Name like Love
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Simply West of Heaven By Monique Bucheger: Official Book Tour and Giveaway

When Monique isn’t writing, you can find her playing taxi driver to one or more of her 12 children, plotting her next novel, scrapbooking, or being the “Mamarazzi” at any number of child-oriented events. 

Even though she realizes there will never be enough hours in any given day, Monique tries very hard to enjoy the journey that is her life. She shares it with a terrific husband, her dozen children, twelve grand-darlings, too many cats, and many real and imaginary friends. She is the author of several books in three series and hopes to write many more.

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When her dad confiscates her deceased mom’s journals, 12-year-old Ginnie West counts on her BFF, Tillie, to help her get them back. But Tillie's not so sure the ghost of Ginnie's mom will make a good addition to their new family tree.

Then the girls' world gets flipped upside-down when a blast from the past shows up and makes Tillie go nutburgers. Life gets complicated when Ginnie is forced to choose between helping her best friend and getting the answers she’s always dreamed of.

What reviewers are saying about this book:
*Like Anne of "Anne of Green Gables," Ginnie is a character you can't help but love.

*I couldn't put these books down. I was not only entertained, but inspired.

*Bucheger does an amazing job of writing this story but without giving a cookie cutter answer to the problems Ginnie faces. 

Snippet 3

After Dad and Toran left, Uncle Jake offered the rest of them

Popsicles and suggested a game of Go Fish. Mysti happily

agreed. It didn’t take long to figure out she was good at remembering

who asked for which card and knew who to ask for their matches

when it was her turn.

Uncle Jake didn’t seem to mind losing to her, in fact he seemed

quite happy and proud that she beat him fair and square. Ginnie

giggled, remembering the look on her uncle’s face last night when

Mysti announced that she hated bacon.

After Mysti won the second game of Go Fish—without help—

Uncle Jake beamed his approval. 


Top Ten List

1) Heart of the Wests (Ginnie's home)  is a real place in Ohio.

2) The blonde girl on the cover (Gracie--who is modeling for Ginnie) lives in the real West Farmhouse.

3) The brunette girl on the cover (Jessie--who is modeling for Tillie)--is Gracie's cousin in real life.

4) Gracie and Jessie's cousins grew up on a different farm I mention in the books: Chandler's Crossing--Toran and Ginnie's friend, Austin's home. 

5) There are real goats, chickens, cattle, dogs, cats, turkeys, ducks on the real West farm--but NO horses.

6) Queenie West's (Ginnie's mom) personality is based on Gracie and Jessie's grandmother. Gracie looks very much like her--just as Ginnie looks like her mom.

7) I spent a lot of time at the "real Wests" farm--as a teenager--babysitting the kids that lived there--especially Gracie and Jessie's dads--and their aunt. 

8) Gracie and Jessie's cousins grew up on a different farm I mention in the books: Chandler's Crossing--Toran and Ginnie's friend, Austin's home. :) 

9) Gracie and Jessie's grandpa and grandma were my 4H leaders as well as my friends.

10) I raised a lamb named Appomattox (because I was fascinated with the Civil War)  on the real West farm and showed it at fair as a teen.

Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2020: Day 4-The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper By Fiona Ingram

I am a South African children’s author. Up until a few years ago, I was a journalist and editor. Something rather unexpected sparked my new career as an author—a family trip to Egypt with my mother and two young nephews. We had a great time and I thought I’d write them a short story as a different kind of souvenir…. Well, one book and a planned book series later, I had changed careers. I am now on Book 5 of The Chronicles of the Stone adventure series. I also teach online novel writing for aspiring authors and I find that very satisfying.

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Continuing the adventure that ended in Britain just a short while ago, cousins Adam and Justin Sinclair, with their friend Kim Maleka, are now hunting for the third Stone of Power, one of seven mysterious stones lost centuries ago. The third stone might be located in an ancient city, hidden in the depths of the Mexican jungle. When their small plane crashes in the jungle, Adam, Justin, Kim, and James are rescued by an uncontacted tribe. James, who is wounded, must stay behind as the kids, with only a young boy, Tukum, as their guide, make their way through the dense and dangerous jungle to find the city. River rafting on a crocodile-infested river and evading predators are just part of this hazardous task.

Of course, their old adversary Dr. Khalid is close behind as the kids press on in search of the lost city of stone gods. But he is not the worst of their problems. This time Adam will clash with a terrible enemy who adopts the persona of an evil Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca, and is keen to revive the ancient tradition of human sacrifice. Adam, Justin, and Tukum must play a dreadful ball game of life and death and maybe survive. Will they emerge alive from the jungle? Will Dr. Khalid find the third Stone of Power before they do?

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Adam’s parents would totally freak out if they knew what had really been happening on those trips. But rightfully so. In fact, Adam was a bit freaked out himself right now. He’d always thought a trip to Mexico would be the most fantastic adventure, with its jungles and ruined ancient cities. Well, now they were in a real jungle, and it was more frightening than fantastic—especially when they had no way back to civilization and when the only adult around was hurt and unconscious.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2020: Day 3-FUSION By TJ Amberson

TJ Amberson hails from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and nutty cocker spaniel. When she's not writing, TJ might be found enjoying a hot chocolate, pretending to know how to garden, riding her bike, playing the piano, or surfing the Internet for cheap plane tickets. With a love of many genres, TJ Amberson writes sweet romance for adults, and historical fantasy and contemporary sci-fi adventures for teen and mature tween readers. 

Alexis Kendall has a pretty typical teenage life: a crush on a cute guy, a loathing of chemistry, and a tendency to stumble into embarrassing mishaps. But everything changes after an unexpected discovery in chemistry class gives Alexis incredible powers. 

With her powers rapidly growing beyond her control, Alexis races to her teacher, Mr. Haber, for help. A chilling twist of events leaves Mr. Haber and his young assistant, Noah Weston, no choice but to reveal to Alexis a secret. And suddenly, Alexis is faced with a decision that will change her life forever. 


As the memories swirled in her head, Alexis couldn't deny the impossible truth any longer: somehow, she had developed strange and unpredictable . . . powers. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2020: Day 2-Two Masters By Jaclyn Weist

Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing at a young age and published her first book in 2013. She met her husband, Steve, at BYU, and they have six happy, crazy children who encourage her to keep writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. When Jaclyn isn’t herding her kids to various activities, she serves on the board for her local arts agency, runs a writing workshop, and stays up late writing books in various genres.

Jaclyn’s Young Adult books include The Luck Series, Lost in a Fairy Tale series, Magicians of the Deep, and Two Masters. 

Gwen's family had only one rule—stay out of Grandma's garden. And if it wasn’t for her annoying cousin, she never would have broken it. Everything seems fine until she pulls an ancient book from the old well inside.

And pays for it.

A dark magic is unleashed from its prison, and Gwen becomes its new host. Now, not only does she have to learn to use her own magic, she must also keep the dark magic from taking over her soul. Some rules are made to be broken. But breaking this one may just destroy the world. 



“Maybe you should stay over there.” Mom pulled Josh closer and pursed her lips. “On second thought, I want you to go make some tea. I need you to listen carefully. There’s a small blue bottle in Grandma’s room in the bottom drawer of the armoire—”
“But that one’s locked,” I blurted. Grandma’s armoire had been another mystery that we loved to make up stories about. A large keyhole sat in the center, and it was always locked. The adults insisted it was just her clothes, but we knew better. Why would Grandma lock up her sweaters?
Mom took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I know. You need to listen. The key is in a small compartment below the armoire. You have to run your hand over it and then say, aperta pro amicis. Got that? Repeat it back to me.”
“Wait, what? Why?” I’d never heard Mom speak a different language in my life, and now she wanted me to speak in Latin? And it wasn't just that. The words had some kind of . . . feeling that came with them.
“Gwendolyn,” Mom snapped.
“Aperta pro amicis.” I knew I butchered the words because they didn't have the same feel to them, but my mind was too frazzled to think.
“Say it again.” She repeated the words again and had me say them back until I had it exactly right. “Okay, now remember, it’s a small blue bottle. Grab the small spoon sitting next to it and then close the armoire. Don’t forget to lock it.”
“Do I have to say anything to hide the key again?” My heart thudded in my chest as I ran over the chant again and again in my mind.
Mom shook her head. “Just put it back, and the armoire will reseal itself. Use that spoon—only that spoon—and scoop out three spoonfuls of the powder into a mug of steaming water, then stir it seven times clockwise. No more, no less. Got that?”
I shook my head. “Why can’t you do it?”
“Gwendolyn Jane, I need you to do this right now. I’m the only thing keeping Josh alive right now, and I need you to help. You can do this. You have to do this.” Mom turned back to Josh and whispered something under her breath.  

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2020: Day 1-Max's Hallowe'en Adventure and The Shadow of the Witchfinder By Wendy Leighton-Porter

A graduate of Exeter University, Wendy spent 20 years as a teacher of French, Latin and Classical studies before a change of career led her to writing children's fiction. Currently residing in Abu Dhabi, she lives with her husband and beautiful Tonkinese cat.  

Wendy's ""Shadows from the Past"" time-travel adventures, featuring 3 children and a rather special cat called Max, are aimed at the Middle Grade age group. This award-winning series also includes several shorter novellas that see Max the talking Tonkinese cat undertaking solo missions. Now working on the 18th book in the series, ""The Shadow of the Shifting Sands"", Wendy hopes that her love of history, myth and legend will rub off on her young readers as she takes them on a magical mystery tour through the past. 

 In his fifth solo mini-adventure, Max the talking Tonkinese cat, the feline hero of the SHADOWS FROM THE PAST series travels back in time to the mid-seventeenth century. 

He doesn’t understand how this has happened until he recognises his surroundings and realises it isn't the first time he’s been to this place. Why has he been brought to this tumbledown cottage in the middle of nowhere? All is about to be revealed…

In 17th century Essex, at a time when most people believed in witchcraft, the name Matthew Hopkins was enough to strike fear into the heart of many a woman who lived alone with only a pet cat for company… for Hopkins was the Witchfinder General.  

The 15th book in the Shadows from the Past series takes the time-travelling foursome back to the year 1646. It isn’t Max’s first visit to the village of Mistley Thorn, but this time his friends Jemima, Joe and Charlie are by his side.
Their mission is to bring an end to Hopkins’ campaign of terror. Will they succeed, or might this prove to be their most dangerous challenge yet? " 


Max’s Hallowe’en Adventure (the prequel to The Shadow of the Witchfinder)

Overjoyed to be back home, safely encircled in Jemima’s arms, Max soon fell asleep, but it was a fitful slumber and he fidgeted restlessly, haunted by vivid dreams. He moaned softly as the Witchfinder General’s harsh voice taunted him.

 ‘You’ll be back, blue-eyed imp, and I’ll be waiting for you. You won’t escape me a second time…’

With Matthew Hopkins’ words echoing in his head, Max awoke with a start, his heart racing at the thought of facing the Witchfinder again.

The Shadow of the Witchfinder

Why me?’ Max wailed. ‘Why is it always me? I don’t want this. I want to go home.’ Goody Clowes wagged a finger. ‘No, not until the deed is done. You’re here for a reason and you cannot escape what the fates have in store for you.’ Max quivered under her stern gaze. He didn’t like the sound of that last bit. It seemed that everywhere they went it fell to him to save the day. He was sure it was all down to the Guardians of Time, the mysterious group who had sent him to their secret training camp to become one of their special agents. Did he want to be a special agent? No, he didn’t. He wanted to go back to being an ordinary cat again. Why could no one understand that? It just wasn’t fair. The old lady’s face softened, seeing the large cat’s misery. ‘I know, I know. You don’t want this, and I wish I could take the burden from you, but sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want to. You cannot fight destiny. You must accept the path it chooses for you. But fear not, we will all work together to lure the Witchfinder into a trap. Be strong, Maximus. You have within you what it takes to fulfil the task.’ 

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