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Friday, February 25, 2022

Summerhaven: A Regency Romance by Tiffany Odekirk-Book Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway

Product Details

   Title: Summerhaven
    Author: Tiffany Odekirk
    Genre: A Regency Romance
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Covenant Communications (February 14, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 274 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1524421464
  • ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

Book Summary 

Hannah Kent and Oliver Jennings pledged their hearts to each other as children. Now, years later, Hannah is thrilled to receive an invitation to spend the summer at Oliver’s family’s country estate. The path to wedded bliss is clear―so long as Oliver’s highbrow older brother, Damon, has ceased his juvenile antics, Hannah’s future looks bright indeed.

But from the moment Hannah arrives at Summerhaven, nothing is as she expected. Oliver seems disinterested in renewing their acquaintance, and Damon is not the brutish boy she remembers but a man intent on avoiding marriage. Although she has loathed Damon her whole life, when he contrives a ruse designed to win them both what they desire, Hannah warily agrees. All she has to do to reclaim Oliver’s attention is pretend to be madly in love with Damon. But when Damon is surprisingly convincing in his role as a suitor, it proves difficult to discern the line between pretense and true love.

My Review

There are many Regency novels for readers to immerse themselves in. I was intrigued that Summerhaven was the first Regency novel that author Tiffany Odekirk had written. I've read her contemporary novels so I was excited to see what she'd do with this genre. I'm happy to say that she struck gold with Summerhaven. 

This novel is a combination of childhood sweethearts, enemies to lovers, finding oneself, and forgiving others for past offenses. Hannah starts out heading to her home away from home, Summerhaven. She's spent many a summer there along with the Jennings brothers Oliver and Damon. She always assumed she'd end up marrying Oliver, the second brother. When Hannah arrives at Summerhaven all of her plans and dreams go awry. I really don't want to get into what happens because I don't like giving spoilers. Let's just say that this novel is full of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, truths revealed, witty dialogue, funny happenings, and a kiss in a gazebo that is earth-shaking. (You will read a lot about the "gazebo" in other reviews too.)

I really loved getting to know the characters and how they learned to get to know one another as adults. My favorite new hero has to be Damon. He is such a swoony, handsome, flirt that all women are drawn to him. I loved the whole plot and the way things played out. Summerhaven is a story that stays with you for a long while after you finish the last page. If you haven't read a Regency or it's been a while, this novel is the one that you must pick up. I know that Summerhaven is a book I will pick up again and for someone like me that reads almost 100 books a year, that's saying something to all of you. 

***Meet Author Tiffany Odekirk***

Tiffany Odekirk believes cooking should take less than thirty minutes, frosting is better than ice cream, and all books should end with happily ever after. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, Tiffany completed an internship with LDS Family Services in adoption and then went on to work with homeless women and children in the non-profit sector. Married to a Broadway star, Tiffany’s days are filled with music, and her nights are spent writing the types of characters she hopes her children will one day marry. 

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Read an Excerpt from Summerhaven

Damon stepped forward, and his watch key and seal—visible reminders of his status and self-importance—clanked together. He bowed. “Miss Kent.”

“My lord,” I returned with a shallow curtsy. 

The corners of his mouth curled into a smile. “I see someone has managed to make a lady out of the wild girl I once knew,” Damon said, and before stepping back in line with his mother, he met my eye and added, “A pity.”

My eyebrows pulled together in surprise. 

“Do try not to scowl, Miss Kent. It will crease your lovely brow.”

“Damon Jennings,” Lady Winfield scolded. “You have been taught better manners.”

“My apologies, Mother. Teasing a beautiful woman is one of few things that has yet to be lectured out of me.” 

I gaped. Never in all my life had a man spoken so casually to me. Damon may have grown into a man, but he was not a gentleman.

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Dreams of Gold {Dreams Edge Series #2} by Traci Hunter Abramson: Blog Tour Review & Giveaway


Product Details

  • Title: Dreams of Gold
  • Author: Traci Hunter Abramson
  • Series: Dream's Edge #2
  • Genre:  Sports Romance
  • Publisher: Covenant Communications (February 7, 2022)
  • Language: ‎English
  • Paperback: 312 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1524418900
  • ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

Book Summary

Nine months ago, Amaliya Marcell’s world was rocked when she nearly lost her parents in a devastating accident. In that moment, everything changed, and it was with no small amount of determination that the former ballerina rebuilt her life into something wonderful alongside the man she loves, her pair's ice-skating partner, Tyler.

Since he was a child, Tyler Linden has dreamed of Olympic gold. And with Amaliya by his side, he’s confident that his goal is finally within reach. The pair is on track to compete in the Winter Games in Leningrad, but the path to gold turns out to be rougher than they expected. A painful injury on the ice shakes Amaliya’s confidence, and it will take every ounce of willpower to keep working toward the competition of her life. But when the discovery of a family secret connects her to the Soviet Union, the truth of her history forges within Amaliya a renewed determination to make her Olympic dreams a reality.

My Review

The Winter Olympics was such a fabulous time to release this new book, Dreams of Gold by Traci Hunter Abramson. This book takes place soon after the last book ended in An Unlikely Pair. Of course, the thing all readers were wondering was whether or not pair's ice-skating partners Tyler and Amaliya would someday make it to the Olympics. Let's just say, it's a long, hard road getting there. There were many obstacles in the way that shocked me. Both Tyler and Amaliya struggle as Amaliya's parents come back home and adjust to their daughter's new partner/boyfriend. There is a stalker causing problems, injuries needing to heal, and fears that must be faced. There are a few trigger warnings of an assault and the trauma behind that.

You could just pick up this book and be fine. Here's a BIG will enjoy and "feel" more and understand the characters better by reading the first book. If you really want to become emotionally involved in the characters found in this series, you must read the previous novellas that tell Amaliya's parents' story and their skating coach's story too.

The tension builds so much midway in the book and doesn't falter until the very last page. I could not hold still as I waited for competition skating results. I felt like I was watching the drama taking place in real life. Dreams of Gold had such a satisfying ending with no cliffhangers this time. It leads beautifully into the next book. I'm excited for more books to come in this series.

Find My Review for An Unlikely Pair (Book One
in the Dreams Edge Series): HERE

***Meet Author Traci Hunter Abramson***

Traci Hunter Abramson was born in Arizona, where she lived until moving to Venezuela for a study-abroad program. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for several years, eventually resigning in order to raise her family. She credits the CIA with giving her a wealth of ideas for suspense novels as well as the skills needed to survive her children's teenage years. She has gone on to write a number of bestselling suspense novels that have consistently been nominated as Whitney Award finalists. She considers shoes an optional accessory which became evident when she won her first three Whitney Awards in 2013 (Code Word), 2014 (Deep Cover), and 2016 (Failsafe.) Safe House won Whitney Awards for both the mystery/suspense category as well as the 2017 Adult Novel of the Year. She added two additional awards in 2019 (Mistaken Reality - best mystery/suspense and Sanctuary - Adult Novel of the Year.) She currently lives in Virginia with her family where she enjoys sports, travel, writing, and coaching high school swimming. 

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Saturday, February 5, 2022

The Audacity of Sara Grayson By Joani Elliott-Book Review


Product Details

  • Title: The Audacity of Sara Grayson
  • Author: Joani Elliott
  • Genre: General/Humourous Fiction
  • Publisher ‏: ‎ Post Hill Press (May 25, 2021)
  • Language ‏: ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏: ‎ 400 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏: ‎1642937827
  • ISBN-13:‎ 978-1642937824
  • ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

Book Summary
What happens when the world's greatest literary icon dies before she finishes the final book in her best-selling series?
And what happens when she leaves that book in the hands of her unstable, neurotic daughter, who swears she's not a real writer?

Sara Grayson is a thirty-two-year-old greeting card writer about to land the toughest assignment of her life. Three weeks after the death of her mother--a world-famous suspense novelist--Sara learns that her mother's dying wish is for her to write the final book in her bestselling series.

Sara has lived alone with her dog, Gatsby, ever since her husband walked out with their Pro Double Waffle Maker and her last shred of confidence. She can't fathom writing a book for thirty million fans--not when last week's big win was resetting the microwave clock.
But in a bold move that surprises even herself, Sara takes it on. Against an impossible deadline and a publisher intent on sabotaging her every move, Sara discovers that stepping into her mother's shoes means stumbling on family secrets she was never meant to find--secrets that threaten her mother's legacy and the very book she's trying to create.

My Review
I honestly had never heard of this book before and had no clue what to expect. Let's just say, The Audacity of Sara Grayson was a very happy surprise! This is the type of book that reeled me in from the beginning and I read into the wee hours of the night. It is a mix of serious topics and then blasts you with great humor. The novel is the kind of book you want to tell all of your friends about. 

I love the main character because she is flawed but man does she go on a journey to find her true self. The other great thing about this book is the great cast of supporting characters. I wish I could list all of them but it would give so much away about the plot and I don't want to do that to you. Just know that this novel is such an incredible read that you remember it long after you've turned the last page. This is a "Book Club" novel that men and women alike will enjoy.

***Meet Author Joani Elliott***
Joani Elliott believes in the magic of stories, a good cup of tea, and the power of living a creative life. She has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Brigham Young University. She lives with her husband and two daughters near Salt Lake City, Utah. For book club resources, virtual author chats, and more, visit

Purchase The Audacity of Sara Grayson

 Praise for Sara Grayson

“You know what it’s like when you discover a new writer whose witty and wise voice makes your heart sing? That’s Joani Elliott for me.… I stayed up too late turning pages. I loved it.”

Yellow Accent

Ann Garvin, USA Today bestselling author of I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around

“Joani Elliott writes with wit and originality…an inherently entertaining read from cover to cover and one that will linger in the mind and memory long after…very highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Readers will enjoy following Sara as she takes on the ambitious task her late mother assigned to her. Decades-old secrets, heartfelt high emotions, and even romance lurk along the twisty path.”

Library Journal

“Joani Elliott has written an enjoyable, funny, page-turning novel about the ups and downs of a woman’s quest to find herself and the family she thought she knew.”

Maddie Dawson, bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners

“From the moment I began this debut novel, I knew I was in for a treat. The Audacity of Sara Grayson is a rich tale…with dramatic twists at every turn. A compelling read!”

Susannah Marren, author of A Palm Beach Wife and A Palm Beach Scandal