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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Things Left Unsaid By Courtney Walsh: New Release! Order Your Copy Today!

Things Left Unsaid Release Day Blast Blog

About the Book

Things Left Unsaid
An emotional novel of family, friendship and forgiveness from Courtney Walsh, the New York Times bestselling author of Hometown Girl. Lyndie St. James is thrilled that her best friend, Elle, is getting married but unprepared for the emotional storm of the wedding week and returning to her childhood summer home of Sweethaven. The idyllic cottage community harbors some of her best—and worst—memories. It’s not only the tragic death of her childhood friend Cassie that has haunted her for ten years, it’s the other secrets she’s buried that have kept her from moving on. But Lyndie isn’t the only one with secrets. Cassie’s mother, father and brother, still struggling with the loss, have been drifting further and further apart. And Elle herself, the last to see Cassie alive, carries an impossible burden of guilt. Now reunited, each of them has a choice: to reveal the truths of that night or continue to live in its shadow. That means embarking on a personal journey of the heart—to escape the darkness and all its regrets and to finally come to terms with the past and, especially, with each other.

About the Author

Courtney Walsh is a novelist, artist, theater director, and playwright. Change of Heart is her fifth novel and is set in the same town as Paper Hearts. Her debut novel, A Sweethaven Summer, hit the New York Times and USA Today e-book bestseller lists and was a Carol Award finalist in the debut author category. She has written two additional books in the Sweethaven series, as well as two craft books and several full-length musicals. Courtney lives in Illinois where she and her husband own a performing and visual arts studio. They have three children.
Things Left Unsaid Release Day Book Blast SM.png
Order your copy HERE.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2018: Day 12-Featuring Author Holly Kelly: Beauty and the Horseman's Head

I'm a mom who writes books in her spare time: translation--I hide in the bathroom with my laptop and lock the door while the kids destroy the house and smear peanut butter on the walls. I was born in Utah but lived in Kansas until I was 13, in Texas until I was 18, and attended college in Hawaii—studying marine biology. I'm now back in Utah--"happy valley". I'm married to a wonderful husband, James, and we are currently raising 6 rambunctious children. My interests are reading, writing (of course), martial arts, visual arts, creating Halloween props, and spending time with family.

I signed with Clean Teen Publishing in 2013. My first published book Rising, quickly hit the best-seller lists and has maintained its status on those lists since it's release in September 2013. The sequel in The Rising Series titled, Descending, was released in late March 2014. It also hit best-seller status--reaching all the way to #1 in Mythology on Amazon.

~ Amazon ~

It's 1792 and Hope is on the run. She finds shelter in a glen called Sleepy Hollow. Luck is with her as the town is unexpectedly looking for a new teacher and Hope is hired for the job. 

Unfortunately, not everything is looking up for her. Not only is the mayor out to get her fired and the local witch determined to slice her up and brew her organs into potions, but hidden under the floorboards of her quaint little cabin, she finds a man. His name is Conall.

Conall is demanding, he's ornery, and though he has undeniably handsome features, he is missing something of vital importance...

His body.


The flaring nostrils of a monstrous horse with glowing red eyes blew Hope’s hood off her head as a scream gathered in her throat. She really did not want to look. Why did she feel compelled to look?
Her eyes rose to its rider. His shoulders were as broad as the side of a barn, and he clutched an axe in his gloved hand. But his head . . .
Her scream pierced the night air and sent the birds to flight.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

A Christmas Courting:A Regency Christmas Collection By Jennifer Moore, Chalon Linton, Jen Geigle Johnson, and Heidi Kimball -Blog Tour Review and Giveaway

Product Details

  • Title: A Christmas Courting: A Regency Christmas Collection
  •  Authors: Jennifer Moore, Chalon Linton, Jen Geigle Johnson, and Heidi Kimball
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc. (October 1, 2018)
  • Genre: Regency Christmas Romance
  • ISBN-10: 1524407941
***I received a review copy in exchange 
for an honest review***

Book Summary
This holiday season fall in love, with heartwarming tales of Christmases past in A Christmas Courting, an enchanting collection of Regency romances.
Love and Joy Come to You by Jennifer Moore
Lord Covington has planned a quiet holiday with his grieving mother but finds his plans rudely disrupted when lovely Cassie Weatherby and her young siblings are invited for Christmas. Despite his reservations, however, he begins to recognize in Cassie a kindred spirit.

A Christmas Courting by Chalon Linton
When obligations keep her in London, Keturah Hensley sadly anticipates missing the festivity of Christmas at her family's country home and the company of her best friend, Christopher Shepherd. When she learns that Christopher will be joining her family in London for Christmas, she is delighted--but her elation is short-lived. Christopher is coming to Town to court the woman of his dreams, and Keturah fears she may have lost the chance to win his love.

Mistletoe Memories by Jen Geigle Johnson
From childhood, Patrick, Duke of Montrose, knew he'd found his perfect match in Lady Alice Tarrington. When he's sent on a grand tour, Patrick is confident he'll marry his sweetheart upon his return. But when he receives word that Alice is to marry another, will he be too late to claim her heart?

Second-Chance Christmas by Heidi Kimball
Francie and Gerard have been friends since childhood, but their friendship ended when she declined his heartfelt proposal of marriage. However, when her interactions with Gerard's holiday houseguests provoke in Francie unexpected jealousy, she realizes she must fight for Gerard's affections or risk losing him forever.
My Review
This was the perfect week to read this new book, A Christmas Courting:A Regency Christmas Collection. Things have been so busy that it was nice to pick the book up and read one of the novella's during my lunch time of 35 minutes. It also was wonderful to read another Christmas story in October. It's making me so excited for Christmas. All of these stories have great characters with some problems along the way, but they all end with a sweet, romantic twist. This clean collection can be read in one sitting, but it will also be great to save this book to read slowly throughout the busy month of December. If you love reading a Christmas Romance, you'll love this book where you'll get four wonderful stories for the price of one.

Purchase your copy Here:

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$25 Amazon Gift Card and a Free Copy 
of ’A Christmas Courting’ Giveaway
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Monster Mash Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2018: Day 11-Featuring Author Scarlett St. Clair: When Stars Come Out

Scarlett St. Clair lives in Oklahoma with her husband. She has a Master’s degree in Library Science and Information Studies and spends a lot of time researching reincarnation, unsolved murders and Greek mythology–all of which made it into her debut novel, When Stars Come Out (Oct 2018).

Anora Silby can see the dead and turn spirits into gold coins, two things she would prefer to keep secret as she tries to lead a normal life at her new school. After all, she didn’t change her identity for nothing.

As it turns out, hiding her weirdness is just one of many challenges. By the end of her first day, she’s claimed the soul of a dead girl on campus and lost the coin. Turns out, the coin gives others the ability to steal souls, and when a classmate ends up dead, there’s no mistaking the murder weapon.

Navigating the loss of her Poppa, her mother’s mistrust, and Roundtable, an anonymous student gossip app threatening to expose her, are hard enough. Now she must find the person who stole her coin before more lives are lost, but that means making herself a target for the Order, an organization that governs the dead on Earth--and they want Anora and her powers for themselves. 


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Thursday, October 25, 2018

October Kindle Unimited Promotion: Read All of These For FREE!

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Monster Mash Countdown Blitz & Giveaway 2018: Day 10-Featuring Author Denise Moncrief:Second Sight (Book 1 Prescience Series)

Denise is a Southern girl who has lived in Louisiana all her life, and yes, she has a drawl. She has a wonderful husband and two incredible children, who not only endure her writing moods, but who also encourage her to indulge her writing passion. Besides writing romantic suspense, she enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking. Accounting is a skill she has learned to earn a little money to support her writing habit.
She wrote her first story when she was a teen, seventeen handwritten pages on school-ruled paper and an obvious rip-off of the last romance novel she had read. She's been writing off and on ever since, and with more than a few full-length manuscripts already completed, she has no desire to slow down.

Desperate to begin a new life, Jerilyn Bowman changes her name and goes off the grid. Sparks fly when Det. Nick Moreau confronts her about her identity and then seems to follow her wherever she goes. When a stranger dies while gripping her chin in his hand, passing to her the gift of prescience, she begins to witness awful crimes before they happen.

Jerilyn’s claim that she’s able to see the future both frustrates and fascinates Nick to the point he can’t get her out of his mind. Are Jerilyn’s claims of second sight a cover for her own crimes? Will Nick discover the truth before Jerilyn becomes the killer’s next victim?


What did the weirdo mean when he said she was the chosen one? What gift was he giving her?

All of that was bad enough, but what she’d seen when Moreau had placed his hand on her shoulder scared her even more. She’d seen through the eyes of someone who had pointed a gun at the cop and fired. The image of the cop’s face contorting as he clutched his chest, crumpled, and then fell to the ground sent ripples of dread through her. She’d always been in tune with her sixth sense. Instinctively, she knew that she had seen Moreau’s future rather than his past. But how could she have? She was no psychic.

Was this the gift the old man had passed on to her? If so, she didn’t want it.

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