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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Win a copy of Annette Lyon's new book: There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar From the Word Nerd

Author Annette Lyon has generously donated a copy of her new book, There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar From the Word Nerd. This is a great book for anyone to own whether you are a writer or a parent helping your child with their homework. I have been using it a lot ever since my pre-ordered copy came in the mail.

Annette, is known in the LDS Writer's circle as the Queen of Grammar. She has often helped her fellow writers in the editing process. Author Tristi Pinkston had something funny to say about this:

" I shall remember the countless grammar questions she has answered for me over the years.

I actually think I'm the inspiration behind her new book, "There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd." She didn't say as much in the introduction - in fact, I think she said she wrote the book in response to popular demand on her blog - but I'm sure that was just her polite way of saying, "Tristi, stop e-mailing me already."

course I highly doubt Annette was bothered by Tristi's questions. I do feel that Annette has given the world a nice present with her book. So that is why I am very happy to be giving someone a chance to win her new book. Here is a good explanation of the book:

"Finally: a book with clear and easy explanations of your most common grammar, usage, and punctuation questions. There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd cuts the convoluted terminology and explains things in a way anyone can understand. The Word Nerd-as the author is affectionately called because of her "Word Nerd Wednesday" blog series-is known for her ability to help even the most frustrated writer get it."

So, here are the rules of how to enter to win this book....

1-Link my blog to yours. If you already have done that, guess what? You already have one entry in the drawing. Just let me know so I can go to your blog to check it out.

2-Sign up to become a follower of my blog. If you already are a follower, that is an automatic entry for you.

3-Tell others about this contest on your blog, Twitter or facebook. Then send me the link.

4.Comment here at my blog why you think you really need this book.

OK, there are four ways to get your name into the drawing, so get busy. You have until Sunday, June 14, 2009 10:00 p.m. to enter the contest.


  1. Like every writer, I love things that help me improve my writing. Annette has helped me so much in the classes she's taught and I'm anxious to read this book.

  2. Aha! I TOTALLY would love this book. I'm a writer and an editor. Grammar is something I always need to learn more about! I'm a follower, am linked to your blog, announced the contest on FB (, and told you why I'd like it. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  3. I'd love to win Annette Lyon's new book. Grammar is always a challenge to any writer and I could use all the help I can get. I've put your link on my blog, you're welcome to do the same if you'd like. I've also signed up to be a follower and today's post on my blog announces your contest and leads them right to you. Here is my link:

  4. I would love this book! I have problems with They're and their still, to this day!;) I am a follower and am linking you on my blogroll!:)

  5. I've got this book, so I'll let someone else win, but...I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an incredible giveaway for a $195 EZ View Desktop on my blog. Come on over and enter!

  6. Hi Sheila!
    I'd love to win this book! I've added your link to my blog, am officially "following" you, posted about this contest on my blog at, and need this book because, while I think I've finally gotten "its" vs it's" figured out (if I think hard), I still have a hard time with "affect" vs "effect". (And probably tons of other things this book would help me with!)

    Thanks for a great contest! :-)

  7. I need this book because not only do I myself write, but because I teach college students, and it would be great to have a reference to help them with their grammar. Many of them really need it!

  8. Eeeh! Ok, so I just found you through Christine's blog! I love your blog! I've spent a very happy 20 minutes or so, wandering through it! I would love to win this book--Grammar is my worst subject! You have no idea.

  9. I need this book because I when my professors grade my work they talk about things like gerands and past participles. What the heck are they? I also need help laying/lying down. :D

  10. I would like this book because, even though I am a grammar freak and should be part of the grammar police, I don't know everything and a guide like that would be good to have, especially when you get those people who just don't believe you when you say a comma really does belong there so you have to prove it to them. Also, I have met Annette Lyon in person and I think she's wonderful and I hope I can know as much about grammar as she does someday.

  11. I love to use correct grammer in my writing, even though I mostly write in my personal journal and letters to family. Annette Lyon's new book would be such a help to me. Besides, I have two teenage daughters, both love to write and could use this book to help them in their writing, both at home and in their AP and Honors English classes. I am looking forward to reading Annette's book.
    Thanks so very much.

  12. What an invaluable book which would be a treasure. I teach and this book is a wonderful resource.

  13. I'd love this book. It's on my list to get. What writer can't use a book like this (other than Annette)? I've linked you on my blog.

  14. Hey there! I'm here to comment! I want to win this book! I have a link for you on my blog and I'll write something about it tomorrow! lol Love you!

  15. Why do I need this book? Who doesn't? If I have it, Tristi might be able to stop correcting me at critique every week (and she says SHE needs help?)

    I linked to your blog from mine at, twittered and facebooked about it with a link here, and I'm now following you. Thanks Sheila!

  16. I thought I was already a follower but I guess I wasn't so now I am =)

    I took the class Annette taught at the LDS storymakers and was thrilled to hear about this book. If I don't win it then I am going ot buy it anyway.

    I really need to learn more about grammar so I don't give my editors such a head ache.
    I think that gives me two enters =)


  17. I need this book!