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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Matchmaker’s Match by Brittany Larsen:Blog Tour Review & $25 Gift Card and Free Book Giveaway

                                                               Title: The Matchmaker's Match
Author: Brittany Larsen
Publisher: Covenant Communications Inc.
Published: July 2018
ISBN: 1524406767 
FTC, FYI: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Book Description: The Matchmaker’s Match
Eliza Woodhouse has everything a girl could want: a delightful little beachside flower shop, a loving family, and the best friend a girl could ask for. And while she suffers a chronic lack of romance in her own life, the bohemian beauty is a self-proclaimed matchmaker extraordinaire, as evidenced by her recent successes. Having found a fiancé for her sister and a boyfriend for her best friend, she is now taking her lovelorn new employee under her wing. Yes, life is working out quite nicely for Eliza. Until Parker Knightley walks back into her life. After three years in Hong Kong, Parker is in town for his brother’s upcoming wedding to Eliza’s sister. They’ve all known each other their whole lives, and Eliza will never be anything but Little Liza Belle to her handsome childhood tormenter. So the fact that their siblings are getting married simply puts Parker one step closer to becoming the big brother he and Eliza have always joked about him being. But the more time they spend together, the more confused Eliza’s feelings become. Because she has come to the shocking realization that the role of brother is the last role she wants Parker to play in her life . . .
My Review

The Matchmaker's Match is a novel loosely based on the book Emma by Jane Austen. This is a contemporary romance with a cast of very interesting characters. The most interesting thing is that the main characters Liza and Parker are some of the most flawed in the book. In the long run they also are the ones that have the most to learn. 

Eliza and Parker grew up together in a sister-brother relationship. They tease, mock, fight, and have fun together. It's not until they are both grown up and thrown back together that other feelings start to develop or they are being recognized. I just wish they'd realized this way sooner in the novel. I almost felt cheated that it took so long and we don't see this part until the last few chapters. I wanted more of them being lovers not bickering friends.

Eliza is rich, beautiful, and everything has always gone her way. Some people think she is a snob and self centered. I don't agree 100% with this assessment. I think her heart was usually in the right place, but she didn't know how to carry out her good intentions so as not to offend others or cause problems. Parker seems like the perfect man, but I was really annoyed how he always was cutting Eliza down. If he'd only set her down earlier and had a non-judgmental heart to heart a lot of the problems they had would have been avoided. Granted there wouldn't have been much in the story, but I felt so many times he felt superior to Eliza and made her feel bad. Yes, Eliza with her matchmaking skills and wanting to "help" everyone sometimes just made things worse. 

Other characters I really loved in the story are Eliza's sweet father. Eliza's dad is not well and she's stayed at home to take care of him. He gives her a lot of love and stability though and that's why I liked him. I also liked her best friend Taylor who is a true friend. I felt bad many times for many of the characters who wanted to just be loved but they'd fallen in love with the wrong person. It's called life and this novel is very realistic. 

This novel is for those who like flawed characters who struggle, but in the long run find the right answers and the right person. Just know, the romance for our main character doesn't come easy throughout the book and you won't be seeing instant romance. The book is good for older teens and adults.

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About the Author 

Brittany Larsen may be an Idaho girl living in California, but at heart she is English. She loves all things Jane Austen and counts the time she and her husband viewed the couch where Emily Bronte died as one of their most romantic moments ever. Sadly, he has no recollection of it. When not reading nineteenth century English literature or writing her own romances, Brittany loves spending time with her three incredible daughters, Emma, Tess, and Jane, and her amazingly supportive husband, Shawn.

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