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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz & Giveaway: Day 10-Relics of the Divine: The Celestial Flame By Stephen R. Watts

Stephen R. Watts was born and raised at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah, where he developed a love for stories at a very young age. Having spent his adolescence creating alternate worlds where he could escape the hardships of mental illness, Stephen wanted nothing more than to grow up and write his own epic tales capable of entertaining readers in ways that reminds them of their untold worth. Stephen’s debut novel was a fourteen-year labor of love, and when he isn’t studying story craft he can be found traveling the world or spending quality time with his family in Salt Lake City.

When sixteen-year-old Harius is chosen to guard a mystic key and sword, he’s sure there’s been some mistake. Protecting the divine relics requires the celestial flame, a power that only mystic warriors can wield. And while Harius is training to become such a warrior, he’s lacked the faith needed to access the flame ever since his mother’s tragic death.

Despite his doubts, Harius accepts the calling at a time when evil forces threaten to destabilize his world. As the son of his nation’s most controversial leader, Harius soon becomes a delegate to a foreign land filled with technological marvels capable of saving his ancient race of winged men. Acquiring the necessary tech won’t be easy, though, as the king of this land won’t share it unless Harius uses the celestial flame to rescue the royal family from a foe out to conquer the realm.

With so much resting on his fragile faith, Harius fears he will ultimately fail. Yet, amid all the danger he will learn that the relics he guards hold the secret to not only restoring his faith, but to revealing his untold destiny.

Top Ten List:

Ten Fun Facts

1)     Stephen defied many peoples’ expectations when he overcame severe mental health challenges.
2)     In 2002, Stephen lived less than ten miles from Salt Lake City where the Winter Olympic Games were being held that year.
3)     Stephen is the only one of five brothers to have become an Eagle Scout.
4)     Stephen was selected by his senior-class president to give a speech at his high school graduation.
5)     While attending college, Stephen was invited to give a presentation at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in 2012.
6)     Stephen finished graduate school with a perfect grade point average.
7)     Stephen shares a birthday with two friends from high school, as well as with a certain young prince in England.
8)     Hot Yoga is Stephen’s favorite form of Exercise.
9)     Stephen won’t eat any food he knows contains mushrooms.

10)                        Stephen is saving his first kiss for the woman he hopes to one day marry.

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