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Friday, April 2, 2021

The Crown of Rosemund By Michele Ashman Bell: Book Review and Exclusive Author Interview!


Product Details

  • Title: The Crown of Rosemund
  • Author:Michele Ashman Bell:
  • Genre: Medieval Fiction/YA Historical Fiction 
  • Publisher : Covenant Communications, Inc. (April 1, 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1524414344
  • ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

Book Summary
Anduron, 1498

The king and queen are dead, murdered by one who will stop at nothing to rule. But the young princess―Rosemund―has survived, spirited deep into the forest by her parents' most trusted advisor. There, she finds refuge in a small cottage and a new life, one in which she must play a role that will ensure her survival. Soldiers are combing the countryside, searching for the lost princess, and they will not rest until she is found―and executed. 

Rosemund's strength grows as she trains for battle and endures the hardships and dangers of peasant life. When chance brings Maxwell, a young man from the nearby village, into her life, Rose finds in him an ally and a friend. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, the time has come for Rose to reclaim her birthright, and in a court controlled by a vengeful new ruler, she must play a deadly game of politics in order to seize the throne that is rightfully hers.

My Review

I was so excited when I found out that Michele Ashman Bell had a new novel coming out. I was very interested because of the time period when this novel takes place. The Heroine is only 15 years old when the book starts. Right off, Rosemund has to grow up quickly as her parents, the King and Queen of Anduran are murdered in their sleep. A trusted royal adviser, Jacob, takes Rose and hides her away and teaches her how to protect herself and prepare to be the future Queen of Anduran. 

I really loved how Rose started out as a young sheltered girl and eventually rises to become the young woman needed to reign over her country. This book is so inspirational, especially for teen and young adults. I will admit it inspired me too, even if I am an "older" lady. 

There were so many excellent characters in this novel besides Rose. I also loved Jacob, Max, and Ricker. I can't wait to read more in this series. There is a little bit of romance in this first book but I know there will be more in the next one. The Crown of Rosemund is a fantastic start to a series that is full of action, adventure, and a great new world for readers to get lost in. I know that readers will also be renewed by the messages that all of us have greatness within us to achieve, the ability to overcome trials, and also become a Warrior Queen in our own lives. 

Exclusive Author Interview with Michele Ashman Bell

1. When did you first have the idea to write The Crown of Rosemund?

I have been mulling over this idea for many years. My favorite books to read are stories about strong women who overcome difficult, impossible, challenges. Stories like these inspire me to dig deep and be strong and brave like them. My favorite stories are Not Without My Daughter and Follow the River. I continually ask myself if I would have the courage to do what they did. Joan of Arc is a phenomenal character and truly an ideal role model for women. At 16 she led armies to victory! I am also inspired by Esther in the Bible. She literally saved her entire nation by being brave and rising to the occasion even though she felt unworthy and unprepared. One day the title of the book came to me. That was all I had. I started asking myself who Rosemund was and why her story needed telling. It felt as if her story already existed and I had just discovered it and was able to write it.

2. Have you ever written a book before from this time period?

No, this is a first in this time period. I LOVE historical books and movies. During COVID I might have binge watched a few historicals during this period. It certainly solidified my desire to explore Medieval times and what life was like back then. A few favorite movies of mine are A Knight's Tale and The Princess Bride (book is great too). This era lends itself to romance and chivalry and war and kings and queens and the possibilities are endless.

3. What message do you hope readers gain from reading The Crown of Rosemund?

There are several messages (themes) to Rosemund's story. One, is exactly what Shakespeare said, "Some are born greatsome achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.” It is only through preparation that we can be successful when opportunity arises. In the story Rosemund is hesitant to do what she has to do to become queen, but her mentor and guardian, Jacob, trains her in different ways so that when the time comes, she is ready. We will all have moments in our lives when we have to step up and do what it takes. It's at that moment you find out your true self. I also want the story to tell readers that we all have greatness inside of us and usually we don't realize it until something hard happens and we are forced to unleash it. I want this story to inspire and empower readers. I want them to see in themselves the strengths and abilities they possess to tackle life's problems.

4. Do you have a favorite character in this book? If yes, whom and why? 
I love Rosemund. I love Jacob. and I love Maxwell. But Ricker is one of my favorite characters. We've just seen the tip of the iceberg of the role Ricker will play in the story. I love how funny he is and how fiercely loyal he is. 

5. What keeps you wanting to write books? 
 I have asked myself this question many times, especially when my family is going through a challenge. Their needs will always come before mine or any of my own pursuits. But even though I sometimes step back for a month or even a year or two, I am always writing and gathering ideas. It is truly in my blood. What keeps me writing? I can't not write.

6. Are there other authors or books that have influenced you in your writing? I've mentioned Not Without My Daughter and Follow the River, but I absolutely love reading biographies. I am a fan of learning about people and places. I love Jane Austen (she writes incredible characters and plots) and J. K. Rowling (she creates worlds and creatures and amazing tension in her stories) and I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder who just tells stories like no other. 

7. What books can readers expect next from you? 
I am working on a contemporary series coming about and three sisters. It will take place in different small towns around the country and I think readers will love these three girls a lot. I'm also going to write two more books in the Rosemund Series, The Rise of Rosemund and the Reign of Rosemund. Readers can expect more action, more excitement and much more romance! I also have a Victorian Christmas story I've written and I'm kind of obsessed with it. There's a lot to look forward to!

Meet Author: Michele Ashman Bell

What can I say, I'm a mother of four and grandmother of seven, who, after ten years of hard work, perseverance and a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of rejection letters, finally got a book published. As a young girl I was a devoted journal keeper.  I would express my most personal thoughts and feelings in my journal in a way I could never express them verbally.  Coupled with my great love for reading it only seemed natural to become a writer.During the course of having and raising my children, as a beginning writer, I spent any free time I had writing and learning the craft.  I attended workshops and conferences, joined critique groups (I have the scars to prove it) and sent many of my stories and novels off to magazines and publisher, only to receive rejection after rejection.  I came close a few times, but something wasn't quite right.Still to this day I wonder why I didn't give up.  You'd think after ten years of rejections I'd finally get the message.  Actually I know why I kept writing, I couldn't not write.  It's in my blood.  When I get cut, ink comes out.  

There's something so wonderful and fulfilling about the creative process of developing characters and storylines and pouring your heart out on paper that can't be matched by anything else.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to write.  And I want to encourage anyone who has the desire to write to never give up on their dream.  If you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard enough, you will become published.  I believe that with all my heart because that's exactly how it worked for me. I grew up in St. George, Utah, where a lot of my family still lives, but now reside with my husband and family in the Salt Lake City area.  My favorite thing to do is support my kids in their many interests.  Between basketball, ballet and piano lessons we squeeze a lot into a week, but I wouldn't have it any other way.If you have any questions you'd like me to answer, please feel free to email me.  And thanks, for all your support. 

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review and interview. It was wonderful having an opportunity to share some background about this story. I’m hoping readers are inspired by Roaemund and that they emit the book.

  2. I always think its so brave of an author to try writing in a new time period, then do it so well.