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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nominate: In Too Deep by Jennifer K. Clark-Kindlescout Program

Hayley Carter won’t let the abusive relationships of her past stop her from accomplishing the unthinkable. With an aversion to men, she breaks into the forbidden world of coal mining only to discover two things: Someone is trying to kill her, and worse—she might be falling in love. Can Haley uncover the conspiracy and keep her distance from her co-worker, Jake, or does her heart have other plans?  

Author Jennifer K. Clark has a book in the Kindlescout program right now. She needs more people to help nominate her book in order to be in the running to have a chance of Amazon publishing her book In Too Deep. if you don't know anything about The Kindlescout program, please read the interview down below that Jennifer gave sharing details about the program. In Too Deep sounds really great and I've nominated it already. 
Go Here to nominate the book-Kindle Scout website
The campaign for her book closes June 1st in 9 days, so don't forget to head there right away! 

{Meet Author Jennifer K. Clark} 

Jennifer K. Clark is a full-time author, a hobby artist, and a Halloween enthusiast. She lives in central Utah where she spends her time writing books and hiding the skeletons in her closet. (Yes, she’s one of those people.) She likes to add a touch of romance to her novels along with a healthy dose of adventure. In her spare time, she loves to be creative and has done everything from building a secret passage in her home to making handmade books. She makes every day an adventure. 

{Jennifer Clark's interview about Kindle Scout. }
Q: What is Kindle Scout?
A: It’s another publishing outlet for authors owned by Amazon. Authors can submit their never before published book (50,000 words or more) to Kindle Scout, and within 45 days they’ll tell you if they’ve accepted it for publication. Within that time period, the first 5000 words of your novel is posted on the Kindle Scout website where you campaign for 30 days and try to get people to nominate your book. The more nominations the better, and readers can help decide what books to publish.

Q: I hear those 30 days can be rigorous. Has it been hard for you so far?
A: Not too bad. I’m in the middle of it now, and it’s not for the fainthearted. But you determine the time you want to put into it. I know authors who campaigned every day for the thirty days and others who only sent out a couple of facebook posts and a few tweets. Sometimes books that stay on the “Hot and Trending” list don’t get selected for publication, and sometimes books that never make it to “Hot and Trending” do. But getting people to nominate your book does help. At least it draws attention to the Kindle Scout team, and they’ll seriously look at your book and consider it.
Q: But it’s still tough odds. Is it worth it?
A: Yes. I’ve talked with several authors who’ve submitted to Kindle Scout, and I’ve never heard one say that they wish they hadn’t. Even if you don’t get selected it’s a win-win. You can self-publish right after your campaign, and you just had thirty days of advertising that kick starts your book release. It’s free marketing! Amazon will even email everyone that nominated your book and tell them when you publish it.
Q: And what if Kindle Scout does select you for publication?
A: You’ll get a publishing contract through Kindle Press and Amazon will do the marketing. You receive a $1,500 advance, a 50% royalty rate, and a guarantee of earning at least $25,000 over the 5 year term of the renewable contract. You maintain the rights to paperback. I emailed Kindle Scout and asked just to make sure because I want my book, IN TOO DEEP, to be available in paperback too. Plus readers who nominated your book will get a free eBook copy of it!
Q: Tell me about your book, IN TOO DEEP.
A: It’s my new romantic suspense novel. The main character, Haley, was raised by an abusive dad who beat her mother, so Haley has issues with trusting men. But she’s taking care of her mother and needs money to pay bills. She’s working in the warehouse at a mine and decides to apply for an underground job so she can earn more money, but it means being the only female in an all man’s environment. From there things get scary for her. There’s gender discrimination, and someone’s trying to hurt her and get her out of the mine, and all the while she is trying not to fall in love with one of her co-workers.
Q: I can’t wait to read it. And I like that it’s set in a mine. I bet that’s a great setting to work with. The cover depicts that, and it drew my attention. Who designed your cover?
A: I did. I took a few classes on cover design. But I have to admit, it’s harder than I thought. I’m an artist so the “do’s” and “don’ts” about cover design are fascinating to me. There are certain fonts that you should avoid, and there’s a lot of tricks you should do with color combinations, lighting contrast, and font variation and placement. I enjoy learning about it, but implementing the knowledge is more complicated. I don’t have photo shop, but I did find an online tool that allowed me to create layers for my cover. I think I have about 12 layers in my design which consists of several vignettes, textures, pictures overlaying pictures, PNG lighting accents, and then the text. It takes some finessing to get things so they look like they belong together, but I think I did okay for my first cover.
Q: I think it looks great. Can you tell me what has helped you the most on your Kindle Scout campaign? What’s your inside secrets?
A: I’ve used Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, my website, and my blog to promote on. I really don’t like promoting things myself, so I put together a street team to help me. It consists of friends, family, and some ladies from my critique group. I created a private facebook group for us where I keep them updated on the campaign and they’ve agreed to share my posts and promote the book through their social media outlets. I try to make it fun, and I offer prizes now and then for their efforts. It’s been a huge success for far.  
Q: I wish you the best of luck with it. Can you tell me where to find your campaign so readers can nominate your book?
A: IN TOO DEEP is on the Kindle Scout website under the “romance” category. You can also find it by going to my website:, click on “Books”, and click on “IN TOO DEEP.”

Thanks. I enjoyed talking to you.

Yeah, this was fun. Thanks.

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