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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017)-My Movie Review

I just returned from seeing the highly anticipated Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast movie. Altogether the whole experience was amazing! From the very beginning when a red rose appears filling the screen, you realize that this is not going to be the same animated Beauty and the Beast from the 90's. I put everything I'd read and heard from others across the Internet away in a corner and opened my mind and heart to the gloriousness of this new movie.
The early released pictures and trailers don't do justice to the actual movie and the amazing sets, costumes, and music. You are quickly taken in as Belle starts her early morning trek through the provincial French town as you delight in the chorus of "Bonjour!" and the singing of "Belle". This was the moment the chills started and never stopped.

The cast is so enchanting, as they should be in this classic story, and were perfect in each of their roles whether in their human forms or as household objects.Emma Watson was cast perfectly as Belle, and plays her role well as an intelligent, and unassuming bookworm who dreams of "more" in her life. I was very impressed with so many of the cast's rich, singing voices, Josh Gad as LeFou, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere and especially Luke Evans who plays Gaston. I loved hearing the original music with a twist and the fabulous and haunting new songs, "Days in the Sun", "Evermore" and  "How Does a Moment Last Forever" written by award-winning Alan Menken,Tim Rice and the originals with the late Howard Ashman. 

Dan Stevens also gets a nod singing his solo, Evermore, considering he learned to sing for this role. That was a song and performance packed with emotion!  

 Of course, you could nitpick about certain things not being like the animated version, but the CGI is done well enough to keep you immersed in the story unfolding in front of you on the big screen. I especially loved the duo of Cogsworth, played by the classic actor Ian McKellen, and Lumiere who played off of each other so well.

As the time drew nearer for the dance scene in the ballroom, I couldn't help but let the fears creep in that it wouldn't have the same magic felt in the animated version. Happily, I was very wrong and my fears were put to rest as Emma Thompson, Mrs. Potts, starts singing the classic song of "Beauty and the Beast" In fact, as I sat there in the darkened theater watching Belle and Beast dance around the ballroom and realize what is growing between them, I felt the tears start sliding down my cheeks, and unashamedly I didn't wipe them away. Also, her gown is more beautiful on screen, with a silky, satin finish, gold leafs and glitter.
 There was only one glitch for me that threw me out of the story and that was when the Beast shows Belle his library. I was disappointed at her reaction of not being more in awe of the magnificent and immense collection of books. Granted, this opinion is coming from a certified bibliophile who'd have been jumping up and down with excitement at seeing all of those books. Her mouth should have at least been hanging open with more reverence and admiration for what the beast was showing her. I know,nit-picky, but...BOOKS, and lots of them! My daughter did remind me that she reacted after the Beast left her there alone, but not enough for me.

In the last thirty minutes of the movie we see the true nature of each character coming forth, Gaston as the blood thirsty villain, the Beast as the reformed self-sacrificing hero, Belle as the young woman who finds love and looks beyond her own dreams and needs, and LeFou finally being true to himself and not mindlessly following the town bully. Kudos also to Kevin Kline who plays the part of Maurice, Belle's father, as a more dignified, less-looney and loving father. He is an amazing actor!
For those that staunchly love the animated 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast must give this live action version a try. This grand, live version will bring back the fascination of the story and charm it's way into your heart.
***Note: Do yourself a favor and experience the magic a little longer at the end of the film as you listen to the brilliant Celine Dion sing "How Does a Moment Last Forever" as the cast members are shown once more in their human forms. It's a great way to end your time at the theater.
{Me and my kids after the movie.}

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