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Friday, September 30, 2011

Review of "The Key of Kilenya" by Andrea Pearson

A magical key has been stolen, and Jacob must retrieve it as soon as possible to protect his family and our world from danger.

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark's life is about to change when two vicious wolves chase him through a gateway from our world to another. They've been sent by the Lorkon--immortal and evil beings from the world Edana, who know Jacob and that he possesses powers which they desire to control.

He escapes the wolves and spends the night in the safety of a tree. The next morning, not knowing he is in a different world, he is surprised to be greeted by strange, human-like creatures.

They beg his assistance in recovering a magical key--which was stolen by the Lorkon and is mysteriously linked to him. He has two choices: help these people, or not. If he helps them he will be in great danger. If he doesn't, his family and our world will be, as the Lorkon will stop at nothing to unlock the key's and Jacob's powers.

He makes his choice and begins a quest of self-discovery and danger.

The Key of Kilenya is a story of a fourteen year old boy, Jacob, who finds himself on a journey that he hadn't planned on going. His whole world before was basketball, and now he is asked to help save a new world and possibly his own. At first he doesn't want to help, but he is persuaded by some wolves that he should. They would have scared me into helping for sure.

You can tell while reading this book that the key audience are boys between the ages of 10-15. Lovers of Fantasy and strange new worlds, will really love the imaginative creatures and all of the exciting situations that Jacob finds himself in. I found that the story had a slow start for me, and picked up when Jacob and his new friend, Akeno, go on a journey to look for the Key of Kilenya. There is a lot of world building going on as Andrea introduces new plants, monsters and races of people. Some were kind of confusing to keep track of, but as the story progressed pieces started falling together more. I also really like the added element of the journal entries of Prince Dimitri, that explained a back story of what had happened before in this land. These were found at the beginning of every chapter.

Jacob has powers that he didn't know that he had. Some of the scenes are kind of funny as he discovers what those powers are. His reactions are very true to how a teenage boy would respond. Andrea wrote Jacob realistically, and as I said, this will appeal to it's core audience. I believe that most people will be very happy with the ending of the story. Fans of this book will also be excited to know that there is a book 2: The Ember Gods. Jacob will head back to the world of Ecklaron to help his new friends again. 

If you would like to purchase "The Key of Kilenya" you can buy the e-book for a really good deal of 99 cents at...


The paperback copy can be purchased here at

If you want to learn more about Andrea and her book please go to her website.

About this Author

Andrea is an avid reader and outdoor-er, who loves traveling. She and her husband(AKA Mr. Darcy) were married only a few months ago, and have settled near a river that someday will overflow and flood their house.

It took her nearly a lifetime to do so (nine years), but she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders from Brigham Young University. She plans to open a flying bicycle shop eventually, but for the time being, she is happy teaching orchestra to elementary students. 

 ***I want to thank Andrea for the review copy of her book. In no way did this influence the review that was given.


  1. I enjoyed this book too and have been recommending it to the teacher I know for grades 4-8.

  2. Thank you so much, Sheila, for your review! :-)

  3. Thanks again for your review. :-) I'm wondering how open you'd be to posting it on Amazon and Goodreads? I'd really, really appreciate it! :-)

    Amazon (Kindle):


    Thanks soooo much! :-) Also, I'm wondering if you'd be okay with me using bits of your review for blurbs and such? Let me know here (in case I don't find your response to my comment):
    apATandreapearsonbooksDOTcom. Thanks!