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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What My 2nd Graders Were Reading Today

Every morning in my 2nd grade classroom we have SSR when they first get there. (Sustained silent reading (SSR) is a form of school-based recreational reading, or free voluntary reading, where students read silently in a designated time period every day in school. An underlying assumption of SSR is that students learn to read by reading constantly. Successful models of SSR typically allow students to select their own books and require neither testing for comprehension nor book reports. Schools have implemented SSR under a variety of catchy names, such as Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) or Free Uninterrupted Reading (FUR).

These are the books I noticed my students reading this morning:

-Diary of A Wimpy Kid (1-4) About 8 out of 21 kids are reading one of them right now.

-Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

-Books about rocks and volcanoes (Can you tell what unit I am teaching right now?)

-Books about kitties and puppies. The little girls sit there oohing and awing as they look at the pictures.

-Books about Dragons (This is because of the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon")

I always find it interesting what they choose to read during SSR. These are the books they really like and want to read. Now, as a teacher and parents, we need to pay more attention to what our kids like and are reading. This is where we should take advantage to read with them and read the books that they are interested in. I enjoy reading with my own children. I love chatting with them about the latest chapter they just read. When they come running down the stairs to hurry and tell what happened in chapter 9 of Fablehaven, it thrills me to the core.

I challenge you to take the time to read with your children/grandchildren. Notice what they are reading and discuss with them what they like about the books. Take them to the bookstore and see what section they run to. Go to the library every week and hang out for an hour; we love to do this. You will be amazed how this will draw you and your children together.


  1. Both of these books are my kids' favorites! Hey, I also love the song you have playing. About how easy it is to say goodbye. Who is he? I love it! Let me know.

    Thanks for your BLOG!

  2. Hmmm, I will have to check my play list or listen to all of the songs again. LOL!

    Thanks so much for visiting and following!