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Monday, December 14, 2009

My review of "Missing: An LDS Mystery Novel" by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen


"Missing: An LDS Mystery Novel" is Ronda's first published novel. Missing is a book you need to set some time aside to read. Once you start reading it, you will have a hard time setting it down and will feel compelled to finish as quickly as possible. Here is a synopsis of what Missing is all about.

"A BYU-Idaho choir tour in British Columbia turns out to be anything but ordinary when soloist Stacie Cox spots a kidnapped child from Rexburg during a performance. Before Stacie can alert the authorities, the little girl disappears. Stacie vows to find and rescue her, a choice that forces her to deal with her guilt-ridden past and another little girl that haunts her dreams. When the handsome Matt Brennan helps Stacie in her search, she tries to resist the attraction she feels for him. Yet as he gains her friendship and trust, her resolve to never fall in love begins to crumble. And after a series of harrowing events, Stacie must decide if she is willing to sacrifice her life — and a possible future with Matt — to save a stranger."
Missing is a fantastic first novel. I continue to be surprised by authors getting their first books published. There is such terrific talent out there. Ronda is no exception, she does such a great job with this novel. You will find a little bit of everything in this book: Some romance, loads of mystery, humor thrown in throughout the pages and of course the heartbreak associated with Stacie's past experiences and the utter turmoil shown by the parents of the missing girl. I felt like I had a lot in common with the main character Stacie. I am a singer who also sang with a choir while attending "Ricks"...(Yes that dates me)...many years ago and I am originally from Idaho. Now granted, I never took off in the middle of a concert, but given the chance to help someone find a missing child, I probably would have. LOL! Stacie also wears her heart on her sleeve and let's her emotions and impressions lead her. This in the long run, IS a good thing, but I know this also tends to get you in trouble with authority.

Now, since this novel was more of a mystery than a romance, I secretly wished that we could have seen more romance developing between our two main characters Stacie and Matt. Though in the end...Well I do not want to give it away, you need to read this yourself.

I highly recommend this book for readers that love a good mystery, those that enjoy angst in their stories and those that are also looking for a light romance that could/should/may probably does...happen. I am NOT telling, it is a secret. This would make a wonderful Christmas present for teen girls, and older girls. ;)

If you would like to learn more about Ronda go to her blog here at

You can purchase this book at or Deseret Book

I want to thank Walnut Springs Press for sending me this free review copy of Missing.

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