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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today is the day!..Last day to nominate books for a Whitney Award

If you have read any book by an LDS author, whether the story had LDS characters or not, head over today, December 31st, to nominate the book for a Whitney Award.(

Today is the deadline for nominations and then the books, that received 5 nominations will be sent to the judges. (I happen to be one of the judges in the Youth Fiction category. I have loved being able to be part of this great organization.) The judges will then read the qualifying books and then will vote for the top 5 books that were read from the category. From there, the Whitney Academy Voters will read the top 5 books in each category, who then will vote on the best book in each category. The winners will be announced at the 2nd Annual Whitney Awards in April.

I attended the 1st Whitney Awards last year and it was a fabulous evening. Everyone was dressed up in fancy clothes, we had an exquisite dinner in an elegant setting and then the award winners were announced. ( I am planning on attending again this year.

I know that there are many of you out there that have been reading some great books by LDS authors. Remember, the books do not have to take place in an LDS setting, they only have to have been written by an LDS author. It only takes a few minutes to go to the Whitney Awards website and nominate your favorite books that you have read this past year.

The main criteria is:
1. The books must have been released during the current year from January 2008-December 2008.

2.The author must be LDS, whether the book was placed in an LDS setting or not, the author must be a member of the LDS church.

3.The book must be a work of non-fiction books, sorry.

If you would like a pretty complete list of books written by LDS authors this year go to this blog where she has them listed on the right side of her page. ( I
have been keeping track of the books I have been reading this year, by going often to LDS Publisher blog spot.

To end my blog for today I will post some pictures taken at last years Whitney Awards..(sorry if you have seem some of them already, but guess what, you get to view them again!)

Sheila and Hillary with Author Rob Wells

LDS Womens Book Review (Sheila, Hillary and Shanda) with author Jennie Hansen who won a lifetime achievement award.

Shanda, Sheila and Hillary with author Jessica Day George, who won the award for "Best Novel by a New Author" for her book, "Dragon Slippers"

Sheila, Shanda and Hillary with author Brandon Mull who won the award "Best YA/Children's Book" for "Fablehaven 2: Rise of the Evening Star"

Hillary, Shanda and Sheila with author Shannon Hale who won the award for "Best Speculative" fiction with her novel, "A Book of a Thousand Days"

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  1. OK, I can't beleive you got your picture taken with Brandon Mull and Shanda!!! I need to contact her too {what a great day!}


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