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2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Interview with Aprilynne Pike, author of WINGS

Aprilynne Pike so graciously agreed to answer some questions for me, after I finished reading her novel, WINGS, that will be coming out on May 5th, 2009. I know that this interview will get you very interested in reading this book. Also, the cover is just beautiful and very fitting to the will understand once you have read the book.

1. I have to say, I loved your book WINGS! The words delightful, intriguing and fascinating came to mind when I was reading the book. When did the idea for the book/story first come to you?

It's kind of a funny story. I read a lot of industry blogs and one day I was reading one that suggested that faeries were expected to be a big thing in YA over the next few years. I have always loved faeries, and I've always loved reading YA. I don't know why I never thought of putting those two together and writing a YA faerie book. But it was like lightning at that moment. I had one thought in my head; I have to write a YA faerie book and I have to do it NOW! And then this tiny snippet of an idea kept me up all night until it started to take a recognizable form.

2. Did you come up with the title? If not, what did you originally want to name the book?

Originally I titled this novel Autumn Wings. But my editor and I decided that we wanted the title to be relevant during the whole year, so we dropped the season name.

3. What was the first Fantasy book you can recall reading? Is there a favorite one now…apart from your own?

Wow, you're asking me to reach a long way back.:) I read a lot of Roald Dahl when I was young. The Witches and the BFG were two of my very favorites! I also watched a ton of fantasy movies. I always liked the idea that you could make up a world however you wanted and then put characters in it and see what happened.:)

4. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Um, is it bad to say I didn't know for sure until the moment I had a deal? I knew I wanted to be a writer the morning I woke up with the idea for the first book I ever wrote. But the morning I got the call from my agent that we had interest in Wings, I had just convinced myself that after years of trying, I needed to give up; I had done everything I could and it was never going to happen. Go figure.

5. There is somewhat of a "gentle" love triangle in WINGS. Will this situation continue in book 2?

Oh yes, you have not seen the end of either David or Tamani. They are both determined little things.:)

6. Your main character, Laurel, is a very likable character. In your words, how would you describe her to someone who hasn't read the book yet?

Laurel is one of those people who is everything most teen girls dream of being, but doesn't know it. She is very down to earth and realistic without being a pessimist. She is also very brave and aware of others.

7. In the 2nd book will the readers be allowed through the gates of Avalon and get a glimpse of the Fairies world?


8. Let's talk about Tamani…I really love this character, will he have a greater role in the next book? (Please say yes???)

In book one, readers have mostly gotten to know David and they've gotten a very cursory introduction to Tamani. That changes in the next book. Both the readers and Laurel will get to know Tamani a lot better.

9.Tamani is such a warm, loving and protective male in the Fairy world, I feel that he is going to become a very popular character with readers. Is Tamani based on someone in real life…maybe your own husband?

*laugh* I think every writer gets this question about their opposite gendered characters. None of my characters are based on anyone in real life. They all just come from my imagination. That being said, David is actually a lot more like my husband than Tamani . . . but neither really fits him exactly. My husband is too perfect to put in a book--my readers would never believe it!;)

10. Now book 2 is already written...correct? How many books will be in the series?

The *first draft* of book two is written, yes. There is still plenty of work to do on it though.:) There will be four books in the series, one released each summer.

11. Are you working on something new that is not related to WINGS?

I am. I am just finishing up a stand-alone project involving a new kid in a posh private school, a klepto ghost, and a cheerleader with a shady past. I am really excited about it!

Thank you, Aprilynne, for sending me an Advanced Copy of your new book. It is one of my favorites that I have read in 2008, even though it won't "officially" come out until 2009. I know that I will be nominating it for a Whitney Award next year! I truly feel like you have written a winner here…nice job!! Thank you also for answering all of my questions and you are more than welcome to come back and talk about WINGS any time that you would like.


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  1. Looks great. Thanks for the interview! I'm definitely interested :)

  2. It really is a great book Heather. I found it really different from anything I had read...which is very thrilling for me.

  3. Thanks Sheila! You had great questions! And I am so glad you enjoyed it. See you next year!! *excited!*

  4. Thanks Aprilynne for answering all of the questions! You were a good sport and I loved all of your answers! I know that 2009 is going to be a great year for you...I am also hoping for a good year for me, especially after the year I just had.

  5. I've just posted a review of this book on my 'blossoming' blog (I know I know bad pun)

    It's my first book review so I thought I'd share with the world


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