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Thursday, August 31, 2023

A Bounty of Secrets & Rebellion by Sharayah Maurice-YA Fantasy Book Tour Review and Excerpt!

Welcome to the Book Tour for
 A Bounty of Secrets and Rebellion
by Sharayah Maurice!

 Book Summary

A historical alliance between two gifted races is threatened when Princess Alana Bell Sundry is attacked and a bounty is placed on her head. With powerful enemies on two borders, the kingdom of Latera is relying on her arranged marriage to the Gaellen Prince to strengthen their position in Tanithor.

Enlisting the help of a mysterious bodyguard to keep her alive until her prince arrives to claim her, Alana soon learns there’s more to the undercover guard than meets the eye. As she spends time with her new bodyguard, she realizes that the attacks on her life aren’t the only threats to the alliance. Her heart may prove just as effective at dismantling a union that has been years in the making.

Meanwhile, across the Great River, Griff Shoshone is unaware of the political events happening around him. The girl he’s loved for years has recently been promised to his little brother, the future Chief of Hoken, and Griff must find a way to reconcile his heart to the Oracle’s prophetic declaration. However, after a fateful decision with deadly consequences leaves him and his brother’s betrothed captured in enemy territory, Griff must now come to terms with his new fated destiny.

A Bounty of Secrets and Rebellion is the first in the Chronicles of Tanithor YA fantasy romance series told from multiple POVs. If you like clean romance, characters with elemental powers, and action packed chapters with cliff hanger endings, then you’ll love the enchanting world of Tanithor.

Book Details

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C8R1QZKL
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ September 1, 2023
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • File size ‏ : ‎ 3595 KB
  • ****I received a complimentary book from publishers, publicists, NetGalley, book tours, and or authors.  A review was not required and all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.****

My Review

This was an exciting debut novel. A Bounty of Secrets & Rebellion has many things in it to draw readers in. There are great characters, a lot of action, romance, and mysteries to keep you guessing...even until the next novel comes out.

The magic system was different and exciting, especially as they come from The All Gods. I always love books with elemental magic. The secrets in this novel are extended far and wide to many groups of people but eventually are connected. This brings some surprising twists near the end that I wasn't expecting.

If you like YA Fantasy books with danger, suspense, exciting magic, forbidden love, and some great plot twists, then you'll truly enjoy A Bounty of Secrets & Rebellion. 

****Meet Author Sharayah Maurice****

Sharayah Maurice has been a lover of books since she first learned to read and has dreamed of being an author for just as long. She is the author of The Chronicles of Tanithor: Age of the Oracle series. Her stories are filled with adventure, political intrigue and swoony romance that will leave you desperate for more. She lives in north Texas with her husband and five children. To find out more, visit her at or follow her @thesharayahmaurice on Instagram.

{{{Excerpt from A Bounty of Secrets and Rebellion}}}

Griff ducked into the chief’s hut and gave the Hoken greeting as his father returned the gesture.

“Griff, my son!” the chief said with a smile, coming forward to embrace him. Griff smiled widely back, returning his father’s warm embrace. He had the same dark, black eyes and long black hair that Alo had, but, to Griff, it turned his father’s features more comforting and inviting as opposed to firm and fierce. Behind him, Griff saw Alo standing in the corner with his arms crossed and his brows drawn together.

“What’s wrong with Alo? He looks like you just condemned him to a journey of solitude for six months.”

The chief chuckled, and the beads on his feathered headrest jangled. “It is a short journey and not in solitude, son.”

Griff eyed his father suspiciously, not sure he was liking where this was going. The chief gave Griff a loaded look. “I need you two to go and see the Oracle.”

Griff instantly shook his head. “No, Father. Please. Don’t make me go there. That lady gives me the creeps.” Not to mention the fact that she was the one responsible for Halyn’s fate.

The chief lowered his eyebrows in reproach. “Griff, the Oracle is a great woman, and you would do well to speak honorably of the All God’s chosen.”

“Can’t you just send Alo? I’m sure he doesn’t want to travel with me anyway. That’s why he looks so grumpy,” Griff replied, waving a hand toward his brother.

“Please, you two act like you can’t stand a simple two-day journey to Pavati. You’ll be there and back before you know it,” the chief said warmly, guiding Griff over to stand by Alo.

“The last time we went on a two-day journey together, Griff set the forest on fire, and we nursed burns for weeks,” Alo replied irritably.

“That was an accident!” Griff shouted in defense. “I put the stones around the fire like I was supposed to.”

“But you didn’t dig the hole first in your haste to get something cooking so you could eat!”

“Funny, you were just as eager to eat that turkey as I was. Plus, I don’t remember you making an effort to dig the hole either!”

“You’re always thinking of your stomach!”

“No, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are!”

“That’s enough!” the chief roared. Griff and Alo immediately went silent. “You two will journey to Pavati to meet the Oracle,” their father declared firmly. “She has requested your presence and you will not delay. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Father,” they each replied sullenly.

Just then, Halyn stepped into the hut with embalmed leaves. “Alo, I have the treatment you requested for your shoulder.”

Griff’s mouth twitched. Alo was such a baby. She walked over and started placing the leaves on the shoulder he had used to cart the elk.

“Halyn, my dear, how would you like to journey to Pavati with my boys? The Oracle has a message for them, and I believe they could use your presence as a buffer along the way,” the chief said with a wink at Halyn.

Her eyes met Griff’s for the briefest moment and then she focused on her ministrations as she said, “I’m not sure anyone can buffer these two, but I’ll do my best.”

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