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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blog Tour Review of, A Woman's Power: Threads That Bind Us to God by Fay A. Klingler

Product Details:

  • Title: A Woman's Power: Threads That Bind Us to God
  • Author: Fay A. Klinger
  • Hardcover: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (March 13, 2012)
  • Genre: Non- Fiction/Religious(LDS)
  • ISBN-10: 1462110290
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462110292

Book Description:

For any woman who's ever felt like she's hanging on by a single thread, this inspiring book reveals the truth: you're surrounded by threads of strength and power that can bring you safety, peace, and lasting happiness. All you have to do is grab hold of them. Uplifting and empowering, this book offers women everywhere a message of hope.

My Review:
A Woman's Power Book Trailer

This was a book I needed to read right at this time of my life. So many times, things happen that make you feel so powerless. This book helps you realize that you do have the power inside of you to change your life, with the Lord's help. 

Faye Klingler also helps you understand how strong you really are, and to just keep trying.

"It is amazing how much more we can handle than we believe we can. Honestly, we have tremendous reserves we’re not even aware of. Our creative abilities will grow as we recognize new avenues to achieve our ambitions. We can reevaluate where we’re headed and how we want to get there. Determine where we are now. What went right? What went wrong? Why? Pat ourselves on the back for trying. We can then begin to feel a sense of sat- isfaction not just for those workable parts that go well and are accomplished, but for the times we tried, even if it didn’t work. The act of trying, or the act of getting back up and trying again, is an accomplishment to be applauded."

There were so many moments, while reading A Woman's Power, that I wanted to stand up and cheer.There were also many "A-hah" moments too. Such as this one...

As in any loving relationship, communication is available between Heavenly Father and His daughters. He knows what we are doing, what we are feeling, and what we are thinking. And He expects us to reason things out and decide our own path. The beauty of it is that with the gift of choice comes divine guidance just for the asking. Well, no, not always “just for the asking.” After all, what kind of parent would give his child everything he or she asked for, especially if the parent knew it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the child (or in the best interest of those associated with the child)? "

I truly have never looked at it that way before, but when Fay wrote it from a parent's perspective, I could understand that! I have had to make that decision many times as a parent. Our loving Heavenly Parent does love us and knows us better than we know ourselves. 

A Woman's Power has so many important messages in one tiny book. Here are some of the chapter titles:

-Goal Setting

This book will be one that I will keep close by and refer to often. It helped me remember who I am, and the potential that lies within me. It also encourages you to develop an even closer relationship with your Father in Heaven. You can feel the love that was put into writing this book. There is also a sense of peace you feel after reading A Woman's Power. I hope that you will also want to read this book, and seek after the power that is within you.

Faye is offering something very beautiful to those who purchase five or more of her books. Here are the details:

"During book launch week (March 13th through March 20th) I am offering something special for quantity orders. Any one person who attends the signing and can show me proof of purchase for five or more books will receive a framed 8 X 10 piece of embroidery . If you are not able to attend the signing and can e-mail to me proof of purchase of five or more books, I will ship to the purchaser a complimentary copy of either Shattered: Six Steps from Betrayal to Recovery or The LDS Grandparents’ Idea Book.
At the book launch signing, there will also be two drawings for complimentary copies of 8 X 10 prints of Elizabeth Stanley’s beautiful artwork “Daughter of God” ("

Anyone who wants to vie for a free copy of, A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God, should go to Goodreads and enter. You don’t have to buy anything, just sign up. Here is the link The last day of the free giveaway is March 6th.

A Woman’s Power, a beautifully designed hardbound book, is a marvelous gift for women of all ages—young and not-so-young. The book can be purchased at Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and other LDS retailers. The book can be ordered online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. A Woman’s Power will also be made available for e-readers.

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About the Author:
Fay A. Klingler is a wife, mother and grandmother as well as a published author. She and her husband, Larry, live in Sandy, Utah. They are the parents of a blended family of twelve children, and sixteen grandchildren.

To learn more about Fay and her books, here are some helpful links...



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