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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway Hop: Win Karen Hoover's Books, The Sapphire Flute and The Armor of Light

Welcome to The Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by I Am A reader, Not A Writer and  Kid Lit Frenzy.

This hop you have a chance to win 2 e-books from author Karen Hoover. So there will be three winners winning 2 books each!!
Here is the book trailer from Karen's first book called, The Sapphire Flute. It is the first book in The Wolfchild Saga. 

I recently just read the second book in the series called, The Armor of Light. It was even better than the first book. You are pulled so swiftly into the world of Ember and Kayla and their fight against the evil C'Tan.

Here is the book description:

Ember has been accepted into the mage academy, but not without cost. She has gained a new enemy, ancient and dark, whose entire purpose is to destroy all white magic and her along with it. After nearly losing her life in a brutal attack, DeMunth is assigned her guardian, and the keystone he wears, The Armor of Light, begins the transition that will make it a true power.

Kayla has lost most everything of importance to her—the people, the prestige, and all she fought for the past ten years. With nothing left to lose, she continues her search for the birthplace of The Sapphire Flute and the Wolfchild she believes to be its player. Her journey will take her to strange, foreign, and often dangerous places, and everything she had thought to be true will be proven wrong.

In a showdown full of betrayal and heroic loss, Ember and Kayla finally meet on the battlefield, fighting a war on two fronts—against C'Tan and her people, and the mysterious enemy bent on destroying all magic—the shadow weavers.

The story is full of power, betrayal, hope, and love. The elements of the universe are coming together, and none can know who will stand in the end.

Karen is a fantastic writer who has such a wonderful way with words. Everything is so beautifully written, Karen is also a fantastic poet and it shows in her novel writing. She also has done such a fantastic job with creating this fantasy world. Both of the main character's, Ember and Kayla, are so well developed, it is hard to decide which one you like the best; probably both!! The romance is strong in this novel, as is the magic. I love so many of the unique magical creatures and the magic displayed. There are also many heart-wrenching moments in this book, and you can't but help be emotionally invested in the story. Let me warn you, once you start reading this series you will be hooked and anxiously waiting for book 3 to come out. There will be a total of seven books in the series. If I haven't hooked you yet, you can read a sample of The Sapphire Flute or The Armor of Light. Now check out below how to enter to win these two books.

-Follow my blog +1
-Follow me on twitter(ssdawn2002)+1
-Follow Karen Hoover's blog +1
 -Leave a comment on Karen's Facebook page and friend her while you are there +1

Enter here!

Now Hop to Another Blog on the List and Enter Their Giveaway!!


  1. I subscribe via RSS as Krystal Larson. Thank you for the chance to win! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  2. Wow, I am feelin' the love today! Thanks, Sheila!

  3. Great giveaway. Just to let you know, the link to Karen's Facebook page is messed up. You've got the Blogger URL stuck on the front of it. That might confuse some people.

  4. Thanks Patricia I got it fixed.


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