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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review of No Angel by Theresa Sneed

  • Title: No Angel
  • Author: Theresa Sneed
  • Genre: Theological Fantasy
  • Paperback: 283 pages
  • Publisher: Brigham Distributing (August 10, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1935217968

Book Description:

An angel with an attitude...

Jonathan Stewart is not at all happy about having to return to earth
as a guardian angel, but it's required of all post-mortal spirits to
fulfill at least one angel guardianship. Fortunately, on the Guardians
Unlimited application, he had the good sense to request a client
with early-marked-death status, so he believes that while his stay
on earth will be most unpleasant, at least it will be short.
What he doesn't know is that a spirit with EMD status can choose his or
her time of death! Jonathan's client, Celeste Knight, has a mind of
her own and refuses death at every turn, leaving him stuck as her
guardian angel in a place he only wanted to forget.

My Review:

This book is very different from any angel and demon book I have read. The story is centered on the lives of the guardian angels and the demons known as "Sheydims" in this novel. I loved the perspective that we were given on how people's guardian's angels are chosen. I also loved how Heaven was portrayed. It was also equally interesting to see how "hell"; the underworld, where the Sheydim lived, was portrayed. Let's just say, I don't want to end up there!

The main character, Jonathan Stewart, is quite the odd guardian angel. He doesn't want to do this job and so he chooses someone, Celeste with EMD status, who is supposed to have a short life span on earth and will be marked for an early death. Jonathan is not a pleasant angel and he hates Earth. His earthly experience had not been a good one as a human, so he doesn't want to go back at all. Nothing really goes well for Jonathan in this book until he starts changing his bad attitude about everything. Celeste teases him about being "The Grinch". 

Let me tell you, there is A LOT that happens in this book. You will see humor, happy things, scary things (The Sheydim are just down right creepy), and also some very tense moments. There is something that happens at the very end that brought me to tears and left me feeling so good about myself and life in general. It happens in the last two pages, so when you read there, you will know exactly what I mean. 

No Angel will keep you reading and not wanting any interruptions. Theresa does a wonderful job teaching many life lessons, without beating you over the head. Learning to love and to accept love, was my favorite theme. If you have an open heart, you will be greatly enriched by reading No Angel. 

The Author:
My Photo
"I love words! Words teach, uplift, and inspire, or they tear down and destroy. I take words very seriously, and the words that I choose are meant to cause reflection, and to bring hope."

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**I was given a review copy of No Angel. In no way did this influence the review that was given. **

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