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Monday, May 25, 2009

Review of "A Future for Tomorrow" by Haley Hatch Freeman

I finished a very emotional book yesterday called, "A Future for Tomorrow: Surviving Anorexia, My Spiritual Journey" by Haley Hatch Freeman. I met Haley when I attended the LDS Storymakers Conference. We talked for awhile and then she started telling me about the book that she wrote about her life experience. When she was 16, she suffered from anorexia and almost died. Haley asked me if I would like a copy of her book and of course I said yes.

After reading this book, I knew I had to blog about it and share her story with others. In her book, Haley shares how her life was spared, so she could tell her story to other people dealing with anorexia. I also want to tell parents of girls that you must read this book to become aware of this evil thing called "anorexia". Haley tells of the signs, symptoms and consequences of anorexia. Many people think that anorexia is just a physical disease, where it really is also a mental disease. Our girls, ages 8-18 are bombarded with the message that you have to be thin in order to be beautiful. The media and the world, sends this message out loud and clear, on TV, in magazines and in the movies. I feel that Haley's book, is a gift to the world, in helping fight anorexia.

"A Future for Tomorrow" is a book that shows a young woman's faith, courage and hope. Haley's book reveals how she wanted to live and fight for her future. I was brought to tears, many times, while reading Haley's story. The struggle that Haley went through eventually brought peace and happiness to her life. Not everyone has a happy ending like Haley's. She was blessed and recovered so she could write her story. I for one, am going to be sharing this book with as many people as possible.

Thank you Haley for revealing such a hard time in your life.I am sure that it wasn't easy to admit, to others; how bad things had become for you. I know that many people's lives will be blessed because of your gift in sharing your story. It is written very well and is a very compelling story.

If you are interested in buying Haley's book, it can be purchased at Deseret Book and or at Haley's website I also encourage you to visit Haley's blog at

One other thing I wanted to bring to your attention; Haley blogged a few weeks ago about 10 Things Parents Can Do to Help Prevent Eating Disorders
by Michael Levine, Ph.D. I wanted to share this link with you.


  1. I read this book, too. Very emotional and full of information. I think she's a very special lady and it's great that she is able to share her experiences about something that, though you don't hear as much about it, is still such a prevalent problem.

  2. I also read her book and still think about it. In fact, today I thought about her and her book. Very emotional. I'm so glad she came out the better for it and it didn't beat her. I met her at the conference, too. She's such a nice young woman.

  3. Though I haven't read this book, reading your review has made me anxious to do so. Thank you.

  4. Haley is awesome and her message is something that should be shared with young women, their parents, and all who love them.

  5. I say let's all lobby for a return of the Renaissance era, where women can wear freeing empire waists, and curvy full figures were actually looked upon as the beautiful ones!

  6. This book is so needed in our world today and Haley is such an awesome person!
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  7. Wow Sheila, I was surprised to open to your blog and see this review of my book, thank you so much! I was very touched by your review and the comments, thank you everyone!!!
    Thank you Sheila for taking the time to read my book and then blog about it. I appreciate it so much!!

  8. Haley is wonderful, and I am so thrilled she is working with author Karen Eddington to help spread the message of self-worth.