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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paranoia by J.R.. Johansson-Review and Top Ten List by the Author!

Product Details

  • Title: Paranoia (Book 2 The Night Walkers Series)
  • Author: J.R. Johansson
  • Age Range: 12 and up
  • Series: The Night Walkers (Book 2)
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Flux (June 8, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0738740187
  •  FTC: FYI  Received a review e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description from Goodreads:
In the aftermath of the events that nearly killed him, Parker Chipp is trying to learn to cope better with life as a Watcher. And it seems to be working...until he wakes up in jail with a hangover and 12 hours of missing time. Darkness has somehow taken control and Parker doesn't have a clue how to stop him. He finds an unlikely ally in Jack, the mysterious guy in the motorcycle jacket who offers to help Parker master his abilities as a Watcher. But even as they practice, the darkness inside Parker is getting more and more powerful, taking over Parker’s body and doing everything he can to destroy Parker's life.

When Jack reveals that there is another kind of Night Walker, known as a Taker, Parker starts to wonder if the strange things happening in Oakville are more than just a coincidence. After all, people are more than just sleepwalking. They're emptying their savings accounts with no memory of doing so, wandering into strange parts of town and disappearing, they're even killing other people--all in their sleep. If Parker wants to find out what's happening or have any hope of seeing his father again, he’ll have to defy Jack and put his own life in danger...because the more he learns about these other Night Walkers, the more certain he becomes that his life isn't the only one that could be lost.

My Review: 
It was so exciting to get the chance to read Paranoia early before it's release. Insomnia was one of my favorite reads last year. I was completely taken in to the world of the Night Walkers. Parker's journey in Paranoia is just as crazy and intense as it was Insomnia. You will find that there is no "2nd book in the series" let down here. There is more creepiness and wild happenings as Darkness takes over Parker's life. There are more shocking twists and turns as readers learn more about the world of The Night Walkers and their enemies. In Paranoia we also get to know more about Finn, Addie, Mia and surprisingly enough, Parker's father. Every character in this story is so well developed that it's hard to pick a favorite. I do have to say that I was intrigued by the character Jack. I was THRILLED to see what the author is doing with this character. (You will have to read more about that down below!)

If you are a fan of Insomnia (Book one in the series) I can assure you that you'll not be disappointed in Paranoia. In fact, you may be liking this second book even better!

I was lucky enough to have Author J.R. Johansson send me a Top Ten List of her favorite things
My Top Ten Favorite things about PARANOIA:
1 - More Finn T-Shirts

2 - Parker vs. Darkness

3- GIRL POWER! We get a lot more of both Addie & Mia in this book!

4- Jack! Jack is such an interesting character that I'm writing an entire separate book in this world from his point of view...that's seriously interesting.

5- Parker's history - We get to explore where he came from and his world a bit in this book.

 6- Night Walker Abilities - I can't discuss this too much because, SPOILERS, but they are cool!

7- Darkness - I know I already mentioned this, but he's very present in this book and needs at least two slots.

8- The Damage - the characters went through a lot in INSOMNIA and dealing with the damage and after effects of that in this book was really intriguing.

9- Kick-Butt Guys on Motorcycles - Yeah, we've already mentioned Jack, but he is so many shades of gray. I love it.

10- Kidnappings, Theft, Murder, Mayhem...all while the person committing them is asleep. Who could ask for anything more?

 Now that you're all excited to read PARANOIA, go to Amazon to pre-order your own copy!

Meet J.R. Johansson:
J.R. JOHANSSON has a B.S. degree in public relations and a background in marketing. She credits her abnormal psychology minor with inspiring many of her characters. When she's not writing, she loves reading, playing board games, and sitting in her hot tub. Her dream is that someday she can do all three at the same time. She has two young sons and a wonderful husband. In fact, other than her cat, Cleo, she's nearly drowning in testosterone. J.R. lives in a valley between majestic mountains and a beautiful lake where the sun shines over 300 days per year.
"My debut, INSOMNIA, is a Young Adult Supernatural Psychological Thriller available now in the U.S. and coming soon to German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech and Spanish. Book #2 in The Night Walkers series, PARANOIA, and will be released June 2014.

I also am happy to announce I have two other Young Adult Thrillers with FSG/Macmillan! CUT ME FREE coming in Winter 2015, and an untitled book in Winter 2016."


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