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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Rare Nativity by Sam Beeson -- Review

Product Description:
Title: A Rare Nativity: An Unexpected  Twist to the 12 Days of Christmas
Author: Sam Beeson
Images: Nina & Terral Cochran
ISBN13: 9781629720623
Hardcover: 32 pages
FTC FYI: I received a hardcover copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Book Description:
We’ve all heard the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and we’ve all seen the traditional Christmas crèche. Now, author Sam Beeson and photographers Nina and Terral Cochran combine these two classic Christmas icons to create A Rare Nativity.

Upon reading the first lines of the book, it’s clear the narrator holds a bitter grudge as he sends his enemy crude and discarded gifts:

On the first night of Christmas I gave my enemy 
a briar from a tanglewood tree. 
On the second night of Christmas I gave my enemy 
two rotten eggs.

Night after night the “gifts” pile up—shards of glass, rusty nails, gnarled twigs, and more. What the narrator’s enemy decides to do with each of these odious gifts is nothing less than a Christmas miracle. The photographic creation of the rare nativity at the end of the book is both a work of art and a wonder to behold.

Forgiveness is something we all need to give and receive, and A Rare Nativity opens our eyes to the act of forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a universal message to be shared with readers of all ages. Christmas is a season for giving. Make it a forgiving season.

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My Review: 
I really liked this unique twist on the Christmas Carol of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." It was an amazing look at the heart of man. Someone is sending their enemy objects of trash like old forks, knotted twine,dead leaves and rusty nails to just name a few. For example here is what it says from the book...

"On the seventh night of Christmas I gave my enemy seven scraps of paper. On the eighth night of Christmas I gave my enemy eight clumps of clay. " 

I'm sure you get the picture. The beauty of this book is what the recipient does with all of the trash, they make a traditional Nativity creche. Then it is sent back to the person who originally sent all of the trash. The lesson of forgiveness is shown here and how like in Matthew 5:43 that we need to turn the other cheek, love our enemies as ourselves, and grant forgiveness to them. The gift sent back pointed this person to Bethlehem and the Savior Jesus Christ. 

The photos that go with the words are black and white and are very unique works of art just by themselves. This book is such a great one to share with your family and remind them that Christmas is a season for giving and forgiving. 

This is a Christmas book like one you've never seen before and one that you will want to have read in your home as a new Christmas tradition. 

Meet Author Sam Beeson:

Sam Beeson gives himself annual writing assignments. In 2005, he wrote a poem a day. In 2007, he wrote about his wife every day. In 2015, each day he wrote a handwritten letter to someone new. Sam teaches high school English and loves reading the journals of his ancestors.

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