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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review of "Obsession" by Traci Hunter Abramson

From the Back Cover:

Pop singer Kendra Blake grew up in the spotlight as the daughter of a prominent actor. Now famous in her own right, she’s had enough with bodyguards shadowing her every move. So when a bomb goes off backstage at one of her concerts, she gives in to her urge to flee. In search of the privacy she’s lacked her whole life, Kendra escapes to a remote cabin in Arizona. Little does she know, FBI agent Charlie Whitmore has been assigned to keep her safe and is staying right across the street.

Stranded in severe weather, the two develop a friendship that hovers on the verge of romance—with Charlie frantically trying to keep his personal and work life separate and Kendra enjoying a new-found freedom from her glamorous world. But when law officials discover that there may be a link between a notorious serial killer and Kendra, she has far greater concerns than her independence.

Obsession is another great novel written by Traci Hunter Abramson. This book is more mystery, than action. It also is a novel about relationships and learning to love and trust again.

Some of the things I liked the most in this novel were the main characters Kendra, the pop singer being stalked and Charlie, the FBI agent assigned to protect her.  Both characters have baggage in their past that threatens a possible romance between them. Traci always does a great job with character development. She writes characters that the reader learns to care about quickly. Kendra, even though she is famous, is sweet and vulnerable. Charlie, though deeply hurt in the past from a failed engagement, is caring and willing to open his heart.  Watching Kendra and Charlie interact is not only fun, but you will be cheering them on to connect.

Traci sets up many possible people as the stalker and possible serial killer. Either I am getting better at figuring who the bad guy is, or this one was easier to solve. But I knew over half way in who Kendra’s stalker was. Fellow reviewer, Mindy, told me she had also figured out the stalker early on. The main mystery for me was how he would attack and if Charlie would be able to protect Kendra. There is great action at the end that resolves the novel nicely.

I recommend Obsession to readers that love a novel filled with a blooming romance, mysterious stalkers, FBI agents and finding God again in your life. Nice job to Traci on another well written novel that her fans will not want to miss reading.

***For those of you that are already big fans of Traci, you will be excited to hear this news from her blog...

"I always love getting good news and a couple of weeks ago my editor gave me the news I was waiting for, the news I was hoping for. The manuscript I had submitted has been accepted. Royal Secrets, a spin-off of Royal Target, is expected to come out in February, 2012. Yeah!

I know a lot of people wanted me to write a true sequel to Royal Target, and I did try. But then there were these two other characters, Prince Stefano and Alora DeSanto. 
They're very interesting characters, both in the way they developed as well as the way they hijacked the story. I had planned on them being minor characters, maybe part of a fun subplot. They had other ideas. So needless to say, this story isn't quite what I had planned, which only proves that I shouldn't try to plan what I'm writing. It never turns out the way I expect anyway."

To read more about Traci and her books, go to her website here.

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