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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Grace From The Fall By Mike Mabe-Blog Tour and Giveaway

Mike Mabe is a young man ready to graduate from high school, but ends up in prison instead. Angry and confused, he wants a better life. 

Given a sentence of over a year, he must learn how to cope with prison while discovering that better life. With the aid of his family and some unlikely relationships, he begins to find that better life. 

Based on a true story, Mike fights the daily inward and outward battles to avoid prison becoming a permanent part of his future.

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Michael Mabe is no stranger to adversity. As a young man recently graduated from high school, he was arrested for crimes he committed in his youth. While his friends were making plans to attend college, he was sent to prison for a year and a half.

Thirteen years later, Michael has completely changed the direction of his life. He is married, has three kids, graduated from college with a 3.7 GPA, and has experienced success as a professional. Change did not come without significant challenges.

The author of the biographical fiction, entitled ‘Grace From The Fall,’ Michael encourages people to be something better than the day before.

Connect with the Author here: 

Snippet #2
“You can call me Sir or Mr. Warden,” he said, before embarking in reciting what appeared to be a prepared and often delivered speech. "Before you do anything further, I want you to look around and make a simple observation.”
 I looked around blankly, not really attempting to make any clear observations. It was cold outside and a pillar of smoke rose up from a large white building near the parking lot. Trees were tipped with frost and patches of the first dusting of snow of the winter season scattered amongst the small gaps in between branches.
 "You don't see any fences," he said. "You know why there aren't any fences?"
 "No," I replied.
 "It isn't because we trust you,” he replied. “It's because there isn't anything to run to." He paused for a moment before pointing in different directions. "You run that way, the bears will get you. You run that way, the hillbillies will eat you. You run that way, you'll run into the max security prison on the mountain and they'll shoot you. You run that way, and you are running straight to the Sheriff's office." 
 I peered around with his pointing finger, eyeing each direction nonchalantly. I had no intentions of running, but his presentation appeared to be rehearsed for the sake of discouraging any such inclinations.
 “So, do not attempt to run,” he finished. “If you do, you will either get caught or come running back begging for food and water. In either situation, you will be charged with attempted escape and given another two years on top of your sentence. Are we clear?”

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