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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beyond: By Catina Haverlock and Angela Larkin-Blog Tour Review & Excerpt


{Product Details}

  • Title: Beyond
  • Authors: Catina Haverlock and Angela Larkin
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (June 13, 2017)
  • Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1462120261
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

{Book Blurb}

Dangerous. Wrong. She could be so close to finding out who I really am, and I don’t want to think about how badly that could damage her. If I have any conscience, I’ll turn and run. But I can’t let her go.”      

    Presley Hale has no idea the guy she just told off in the school parking lot died in a drowning accident four months ago. Why would she? It’s not like she knows she can see the dead.
Stunned by Presley’s sixth sense, Landon Blackwood rethinks his planned departure and begins tracking her to find answers to their mysterious connection. When their complicated relationship turns dangerous, they learn that tampering with the boundaries of death comes with consequences.
Can Landon save Presley from the insidious spirits who have marked her for death, or was their love doomed from the beginning?


{Excerpt from Beyond:}

He looked over my shoulder toward the spectral horde and studied them suspiciously.
“Your death was unexpected. By the time I sensed it, and arrived at the river to support you, they were only seconds behind me.”
His words overpowered me. Before this moment, I thought James was the only person keeping tabs on me.
“It’s a race, Landon. It always is when the death is unforeseen. As your guide, I immediately knew when your death was imminent. That’s my right.
“The Vigilum sensed it as well,” he continued. “They hunt it like a shark would pursue the scent of blood. The careless behavior you exhibited the night of your death was like a siren call to them.”
A pang of regret. I had been careless. A cold fact I wished I could change every day since my death. The amount of “if only’s” were heaping. But what a bunch of freaky dead guys wanted with me or why they cared that I died in a reckless way was beyond me. James said it was a race. But a race for what?
{My Review}
I read one review where this story was described as one of "Star-Crossed Lovers" and in a way it is but so much more. 

I've read a lot of stories lately about ghosts or people coming back after they've died. I was really hoping for a unique twist somehow and it was definitely there. The main characters in this novel, Presley, the new girl in town, and Landon, who died in an accident months before, are written by both authors (about 90% of the time I was told from one of the authors) and the story is told in shifting POV's. Both of them are very strong characters who I liked a lot from the start. Presley meets Landon {who's had a hard time leaving Earth and especially his twin sister Veronica} and soon finds out that only she can see him not realizing the whole time that no one else could.I really liked that as readers we don't find out why Presley has this unique gift, this sixth sense, until well into the story. We do become involved in the grief that is present with everyone that knew and loved the popular athlete Landon. I felt this was also written with great authenticity showing people going through the grieving process.

Another wonderful aspect of this story is Presley's brother Chase. He is Autistic and written very well and authentic. As a teacher,I've worked with many students on the Autistic Spectrum and have a child of my own on the spectrum, and I knew one of the authors had to have been around someone Autistic to get this character written correctly. Sure enough, Catina Haverlock co-founded an Autism school in Las Vegas. Presley takes care of her brother a lot because of her single mom working full time. They share a special relationship but again there were times that Presley became weary of her responsibility of taking care of her younger brother. I think it was good to show this in the story and not sugarcoat what it's like living with a child with Autism and what it's like in a single parent home. I'm a single parent and it's a tough gig. There is also a reveal near the end of the story about Presley's parents that is so shocking but again is realistic. 

This small town setting showed how hard it is to find friends at first and fit in. Some of the students bullied Presley until Landon's sister and Blackwood cousin, Reese, took her under their wings. This story does have some scary aspects in it. We meet the Vigilum who are seeking passage into the next life and will do anything to steal it from others trying to pass over. They are creepy and threaten both Landon and Presley. 

It's so hard wanting the two main characters to somehow get together (I loved their tender romance) even though you know there is no way it can happen...or is there? You'll have to read this wonderful novel to find out what happens. The ending was kind of weird and mind-blowing, I'll be honest, and I wished that the epilogue had been a little different. I was appeased though when I found out there would be a sequel. I can't wait to read more of Presley and Landon's story. I really loved reading Beyond!

-This is a clean read, though there is talk of underage drinking and description of Landon's accident and death that may be a trigger for some people.

{Beyond: The Sequel}


{Purchase Links}

Amazon / Barnes and Noble  / Seagull Book / Deseret Book

{Meet the Authors}
• Catina Haverlock graduated number four in her class at the University ofNevada, Las Vegas with a BA in broadcast and print journalism. She spent seven years writing professionally (all marketing, public relations, press releases, professional proposals, and biographies) for a "Big 4" public counting firm. She has appeared on several radio and television programs to discuss autism, and co-founded an autism school in Las Vegas.
• Angela Larkin wrote pointed opinion pieces for her university newspaper. She currently writes for Disney Interactive sharing her experiences as a mother to a child with health challenges. In addition, she has reached tens of thousands of readers through her contributions to Kiki and Company, a popular lifestyle blog.

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