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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Friday, November 18, 2016

Fablehaven: Book of Imagination By Brandon Mull-Review

Product Details:

  • Title: Fablehaven: Book of Imagination 
  •  Author: Brandon Mull
  • Age Range: 8 and up
  • Grade Level: 5 and up
  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Shadow Mountain; Act Csm edition (October 4, 2016
  • ISBN-10: 1629722413
  • FTC, FYI: I received a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review.

Book Details: 
Unlike the other Fablehaven books, this one is half-finished. . . . The missing ingredient is you! Begin by writing your name in the space provided on the front cover. Then get ready to write, draw, solve, and create, guided by the many activities inside including an origami Raxtus dragon. The secret world of enchanted preserves is waiting for you to jump in–just make sure to avoid any deep pools filled with naiads!
  • Draw a map of your own magical preserve
  • Color pictures of a dryad, a dragon, a fairy, and other Fablehaven creatures
  • Solve the Tauran Maze
  • Fold origami figures of Raxtus and Olloch the Glutton
  • Create wizard slime
  • Make a rain stick or a unicorn horn
  • Draw a dragon’s head
  • Solve the Sphinx’s riddles
  • Mix your own potion; And much, much more!
Learn how to make Wizard Slime, create fairy fashions, and solve the Dreamstone maze in this first-ever interactive book of Fablehaven awesomeness. And that s just the beginning: *Make your own origami model of Raxtus the dragon *Draw a map of your own magical preserve *Practice withstanding a distracter spell *Solve riddles from the sphinx *Learn how to play a game of Shadow Tag *Learn how to draw a dragon *Color detailed coloring pages of Fablehaven creatures *Make an enchanted rain stick *Learn to cook Ogre Stew *And much, much more . .
And within the pages of this book are secret codes that will help readers discover a secret message from Brandon Mull about Dragonwatch, the sequel series to Fablehaven.

My Review:
I will freely admit that the Fablehaven Series is one of my favorites. When I heard that Brandon Mull was working on a sequel series to Fablehaven called "Dragonwatch" I actually screamed out loud. So of course I jumped at the chance to review his new book Fablehaven: Book of Imagination. 

There are so many fun things for a kid...oh I'll admit it, even adults will love doing things in this book. I was so fascinated when I first opened up this book. It brought back so many memories of when I first read the series. This book would be the perfect gift for your child or grandchild who is just starting to read the series. There are many things that they have to remember about the books in order to appreciate the activities in this new book. I actually can't wait to do some of the coloring pages & I especially loved one with a fairy. The other fun thing I'd love to do would be the making your own magical preserve. 

I just was amazed at how everything in this book would ignite a child's/teen imagination. My only warning about this book is, if you have more than one child that likes this series, you may need to buy more than one copy for your family in order to stop bickering among family members that want to do the same page. Honestly,this book is an absolute winner for many hours of entertainment technology free. It also made me even more excited to read Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure coming out next March 14, 2017.
 Here is a video of Brandon Mull's daughter making the Wizard Slime.

Meet Author Brandon Mull:

Brandon Mull is an American author best known for the New York Times Best Selling fantasy series, Fablehaven. Mull has also written The Candy Shop War and the Beyonders trilogy, and The Five Kingdoms series, as well as numerous other popular young adult novels. Mull travels the country speaking to students, with the message that "imagination can take you places." In an interview, Brandon Mull has said that:
"I've been trying to pull off a writing career, dreaming of it since high school and trying sincerely since college, which has been quite a few years already, so."
He has stated that his greatest inspirations for his stories are J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and J. K. Rowling.

Learn more about Brandon Mull and his books at his

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