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Monday, July 25, 2016

Exclusive season 2 trailer of Born This Way...Watch it Now!

The A&E show Born This Way follows seven young adults with Down syndrome living in Los Angeles.Season 2
premieres tomorrow Tuesday July 26th, 2016.

The cast members all have distinct personalities and different levels of abilities. Steven has mosaic Down syndrome, a less common form of the genetic disorder. Typically people with mosaic Down syndrome are higher-functioning, which his parents admit was a challenge growing up, because Steven “fit in between special ed and non-special ed.” Many of the participants have jobs; Megan even has her own clothing business. Sean is an amazing golfer with a room full of trophies to show for it. Some of the adults are outgoing, some are shy. Some are the peacemakers of the group, while others are the troublemakers.

One reviewer has this to say about it...
A Beautiful and Important Show
30 December 2015 | by (Canada) – See all my reviews
I don't usually rate shows/movies a 10/10 unless they are both (nearly) flawless and socially important. I saw commercials for "Born This Way" on A&E before watching it and was very fearful that it would be exploitative but it is not. This show is incredibly educational, thoughtful, and well-made. There are scenes and topics that may not be for the faint of the heart but that is what makes this show, and it's cast, so special and unique. It is very real. In one episode, a viewer can almost assuredly feel an entire spectrum of feelings and emotions for the characters. The cast and their families have an unfiltered charm that is often lacking in 'reality' TV. I found myself laughing hysterically with the cast during one segment before almost being in tears during the next segment. The show is a perfect balance of genuine, heartfelt, and funny moments mixed with incredibly difficult (and sometimes sad) topics that most viewers may never think about if it weren't for this show.

"Born This Way" is an incredibly thoughtful and socially important show with a cast that is impossible not to love.

Common Sense Media said  this about Born This Way... 
Parents need to know that Born This Way is a reality show starring seven young adults who are living full lives despite having Down syndrome, a genetic condition. It's milder than most unscripted shows, but there's still some arguing, occasional "iffy" language ("hell"), and discussions about dating and sex. Drinking (beer, champagne) is also visible. The Los Angeles-based Leaps 'n Boundz Community Center is highlighted as a meeting place for the cast. The show offers a rare realistic view into the day-to-day existence of people with special needs; it's also interesting to hear from the parents about their hopes and dreams for their kids. Like many reality shows, it's fun to watch, but it transcends the dramatics of its peers by giving its stars real voices as they find challenges as well as success in life.

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