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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Am Strong! I Am Smart! and We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together by Fay A. Klingler-Double Blog Tour Reviews

Product Details

  • Title: I Am Strong! I Am Smart!
  • Author: Fay A. Klinger
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Nutrire Fiducia Productions (February 20, 2014)
  • Genre: Picture book for children ages 8-12
  • ISBN-10: 0989787109
  • FTC FYI: Was given a review PDF copy in exchange for an honest review.

 Book Description

Luisa May, known to her family and friends as Lu, loves to play games with her grandma. When she’s bullied at school, Grandma has a special puzzle for Lu to help her see how valuable she is—no matter what others say, or how much doubt she feels within herself. Soon after, Grandma has to go to the hospital, and Lu finds out Grandma needs help recovering. Then it’s Lu’s turn to help Grandma see how valuable she is—no matter how much doubt she feels within herself. It’s a beautiful parallel for young and old alike, as each age learns from the other.

Written and illustrated with loving hands, this delightful children’s story offers a heartfelt message that unites and bonds generations. From the award-winning pen of Fay A. Klingler, I Am Strong! I Am Smart! provides to women of all ages a reminder of the tremendous gift of “girl power.”

My Review
I loved this new children's book I Am Strong! I Am Smart! The cute story of Luisa May and her Grandmother illustrates the love that they share. Grandma helps Lu learn lessons about loving herself by teaching her that she is smart and important after she has been bullied at school. Then when Grandma has a stroke, Lu turns around and helps Grandma realize how smart she is and how she can reach her goals of recovering from the stroke. This book would be a beautiful gift for a Grandma to give her grandkids or vice-versa. Any book that shares a message that every person is a special child of God and can be strong and courageous, is a winner. I will share this book with my family and those I know.


Product Details

  • Title: We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together(Fearlessly Living the Young Women Values) 
  • Author: Fay A. Klingler
  • Hardcover: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Brigham Distributing (March 3, 2014)
  • Genre: Non-fiction/religious
  • ISBN-10: 0989787117 
  • FTC-FYI: I received a review PDF copy in exchange for an honest review.         

 Book Description
Every girl needs a mentor, someone she can trust to show her the way home to Heavenly Father. The stakes are high as women of influence, how we live and how we teach Heavenly Father's daughters will change the course of their lives forever.

Using compelling real-life stories from women of all ages, award-winning author Fay A. Klingler clearly defines how and why we must continue to live and teach the Young Women values. We Are Strong! Beautifully illustrates how powerful a faithful woman's example can be.

My Review
I really liked the format in which Fay wrote this book. It follows the Young Women's Values. With the wonderful stories of young and older women learning these principles, there is something for everyone to relate to. I also love how Fay sums up the end of each chapter, by saying: 1)Why do we teach our daughters about the value and then 2) How to teach our daughters about the value. This book is one that every LDS women should read with their daughters or granddaughters. I'm planning on doing this with my 16 year old daughter. 

Here are some of the key points that struck home with me. Actually it was hard not to quote the whole book. I chose some examples from the first few chapters and Young Women Values that were discussed.

-Where there is gratitude there is spirituality.
-We always have a choice whether we are going to listen and
obey the Lord.

-We teach our daughters to live by faith because
by faith we receive answers to our prayers.Why do we teach our daughters faith? To give
them hope. We share the key tool that will help them
bring about and recognize miracles in their own lives.

Divine Nature
 One big difference between physical characteristics and divine
traits is we have the ability to diminish or enhance the divine by
the choices we make.

-As women of all ages, if we are not
watchful, experiences may confuse and entice us away from our
birthright—the beautiful, the sacred, and the divine.

I feel like it was a blessing to read this book. I"m so grateful for the opportunity to review it. I needed the guidance in this book to help me in my parenting as a single mom and to a mother of a young woman. 

Overall, this book is my top choice for gift giving on Mother's Day.It's a timely addition considering what's going on in the world today. This book will change women and remind them who they are. It will lift women up and ingrain in their minds how important they are in God's plan. 

Meet Author Fay A. Klingler   
I had a happy, memorable childhood, growing up in Mesa and Strawberry, Arizona. On my website,, I've included my story of how I became a writer and an illustrator.

I am currently married to an incredible man. Our blended family includes 12 children. We enjoy getting together for family dinners and activities.

My husband and I live in Draper, Utah.

I love writing for women and families. I'm excited about the many positive responses I've had from my two new books coming out in March 2014--the non-fiction piece for mothers and daughters and a delightful, fiction picture book for girls ages 8 to 12. Both of these new works are heavily endorsed.
I'm on Facebook every week ( and love to hear from my readers. Also, I blog to my website ( every week. I deliver by e-mail an author newsletter every quarter. If you would like to receive the newsletter, send me your e-mail address on Facebook. These three locations will soon show giveaways and special book launches for these two exciting, new books.

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