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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wanted by Kathi Oram Peterson-Review and Guest Post from Author

Product Description:
Title: Wanted

Author: Kathi Oram Peterson

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Published: May 2013

ISBN: 978-1-62108-415-0

FTC FYI: Received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

 Book Description:

Rodeo veterinarian Jo Powers is accustomed to operating under pressure—but nothing could have prepared her for the shocking discovery of the armed and bleeding escaped convict hiding in her truck. Even more disconcerting is the fact that Jo knows the man in the prison jumpsuit. Jo’s split-second decision to use her medical skill to save this man’s life is just the beginning, because now he needs her help to uncover the truth. Seven years ago, Branson Faulkner was accused of a murder he claims he didn’t commit. With the hope of finding new evidence to prove his innocence, he’s risked everything to clear his name and reclaim his life—but he can’t do it alone. Jo agrees to help, even though she isn’t completely sure Faulkner is innocent. Now, as Faulkner and Jo conduct their investigation, they discover an alarming connection between a string of homicides, and one truth is clear: there’s a murderer on the loose who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks.

 My Review:
 Wanted is another phenomenal book written by Author Kathi Oram Peterson. I have never been disappointed with anything I have read from this author. She knows how to immediately draw you into the story and never lets the storyline drag. You are hooked and trying so hard to figure out who the bad guys are. Readers will get twisted and turned into so many directions that everyone looks a little bit guilty. 

She writes such great characters whether they are the good or bad guys. I loved Jo Powers and her strong spirit and determination to do the right thing. I also couldn't help but fall for convicted murderer and Jo's ex-husband Branson Faulkner. There is something about him that makes you want to believe in his innocence. There are many characters, Lance, Denny, Edward and even the Sheriff, that the author leads you to believe could be involved in several murders. I had ideas of who could have been involved, but I was still surprised at the end by who was involved and why.

I loved the western flavor found in this book, along with veterinarian Jo's love for the many animals(A wolf, deer, and skunk to name a few) that she has saved. I also loved the rich descriptions of the gorgeous Idaho wilderness. With the unending suspense, the romantic tension and the realistic telling of Idaho country life, this book is a true winner.  

As I was visiting Kathi's blog, I was so excited to find that she had posted pictures from where her book is based in Idaho. I'm an Idaho gal myself and love the beauty that can be found in that state. I wanted to share the pictures and what Kathi had to say about visiting the places where you base your novel.

"Last week I had the good fortune to find myself standing on the north bank of the Snake River beneath Table Rock Mountain. Isn't it beautiful? This is one of my favorite spots in the world, and where I set some scenes in my novel, Wanted.

Here's another view of the mountain from across the river. In Wanted, Jo, one of the main characters, rides her horse to the top of the mountain and looks down at the river and valley below as she tries to find answers to her father's untimely death.

Standing beneath the mountain last week, I longed to be on top looking down just like Jo did.

But I wasn't there for research or to recreate my novel. I was there for a family reunion. See my mother was born across the river from Table Rock Mountain. I have visited the area many times and  know it pretty well. 

As I stood there taking in the scenery, smelling river grass and hearing tree leaves flutter in the breeze overhead, I wished that my readers could have been there with me. I tried my best to paint the scene with words, but it's not the same as being there.

The Snake River is as wild and impressive as I remembered. It looks shallow here because the water is so clear, but farther out there are sinkholes and rapids that are scary even in a boat.

(Side note: My mother and her brothers and sisters had to row across that river twice a day to go to school. When I was a kid and complained about walking a couple of blocks, Mom would remind me that it could be worse.)

There are many advantages to setting scenes in your novel in places you've been and know well.
  1. Your descriptions come alive.
  2. You're able to feel emotions your characters would have from their surroundings.
  3. And you can give attention to details that will add authenticity to your story.
I'm sure there are other reasons.

Why do you think setting a novel in places you've been can be a good thing?

Don't get me wrong. I do believe an author can write amazing stories without actually visiting where they have set their books. The reason they can do that is they have done extensive research. However, visiting the actual setting makes writing about it much easier. Take it from a writer who has done both."

 Such wonderful advice from such an amazing author!

Purchase Wanted @: Amazon | Deseret Book | Seagull Book

Meet the Author: Kathi Oram Peterson

Raised in southeastern Idaho, Kathi Oram Peterson developed a love for the Snake River that winds through much of the region. She spent many happy adventures with family and friends swimming, boating, and fishing on the river. Though she now resides in Salt Lake City, she returns to the Snake River Valley often for vacations. When her children finished school, Kathi finished her English degree at the University of Utah. She worked for several years, writing and editing children's books for a curriculum publisher. Upon leaving the workforce, she turned her attention to writing novels. Setting a romantic-suspense novel in Idaho with the river she loves came naturally.

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