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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aliso Creek Novella Series: One Chance, Lost Then Found,The Daisy Chain,and Third Times The Charm by Heather B. Moore-Reviews and Author Interview

Welcome to the Aliso Creek Novella Series

Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating “the Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone... if perfect is even possible. 

This is the premise behind all of the novellas in the Aliso Creek Novella Series. I'm excited to be reviewing three of them for you. The thing I like most about the novellas is that they are short and can be read fast.With the busy lives we all lead, finding the time to read can be a non-existent thing for some people. With the novellas, you can get one read while you are waiting for your kids at piano lessons or at the dentist. These are all nice romances that you can savor quickly.

Product Details

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  • Publisher: Mirror Press (April 30, 2013)
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  • Language: English
  • FTC, FYI: I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description

Valentina is the odd-woman out. She’s part of “the Five” when she dates Drew for a couple of years, and remains friends with the women, but with her traveling schedule as a runway model, it’s impossible to maintain a real relationship. When Valentina attends her cousin’s wedding in LA, she runs into Cesar, who she was school friends with in her native country of Puerto Rico. Cesar is not the young skinny boy she remembers, but a grown man who seems interested in what’s beyond her model-appearance. Back in New York, Valentina can’t get him out of her mind, but she also can’t deny the fact that they’re separated by more than one country

 My Review:
In One Chance we follow Valentina as she goes to California to attend her cousin Sasha's wedding. Valentina is a successful model in New York City. While checking into the hotel she runs into her childhood crush Cesar. From that moment on Valentina realizes that she is still very attracted to Cesar and he with her. Over the course of  few days their relationship becomes more intense. 

As a reader,you are swept into the heady feeling of falling in love as Valentina and Cesar realize their increasing feelings for each other. You can feel the anticipation, the doubts and the euphoria from the heart stopping kisses.

I loved this story as it explores relationship dynamics of opening your heart, looking beyond the outside appearances of people, and taking that chance of falling in love for keeps. This story will make you want to fall in love again.

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  • Publisher: Mirror Press (April 2, 2013)
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00C5UYY7I

Book Description

April 2, 2013
Arie, at the top of her career as VP of an established real estate company, discovers that her professional success has led to a less-than-successful dating life. But she may have just met the ideal man in workaholic film producer Dustin Jacobs. When Arie discovers that Dustin’s life is more complicated than she thought, she wonders if there is room for her in it after all or if she should add him to her long list of disaster relationships.

My Review 
In Lost Then Found we follow the story of Arie who has just broken up with a Brad who is some what of a jerk. Even though she is glad that he gone, Arie is sad about another failed relationship. Arie is a real estate agent. She is hired by famous movie producer, Dustin Jacobs to sell his home...even though she doesn't want to. Arie ends up losing her job because of Dustin. Their relationship has a rocky start. Dustin first appears to be a conceited,forceful and rude man. I didn't like him at the beginning of the story and neither did Arie. This story makes you see how first impressions are not always true. That giving someone a second chance can lead to good things. The ending is a sweet one. The kisses are as nicely done as always. Heather Moore truly knows how to write a believable and sigh worthy romance.

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  • Publisher: Mirror Press (December 5, 2012)
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  • Language: English

Book Description

In fact, Liz Carlson will settle for a normal man. A normal man with a job, that is. Married twice, then divorced twice, Liz’s rose-colored glasses fell off and shattered on the ground a long time ago. Her main focus now is raising her six-year-old daughter and surviving long days at work on her feet as a hairdresser. When Sloane Branden answers her call for help, quite literally, Liz doesn’t even give him a second glance. She’s sworn off dating for as many years as it takes, and it seems that Sloane has done the same after his own tumultuous marriage. But when Liz realizes that Sloane defies every stereotypical deadbeat she’s dated, she might just find room in her heart and discover the third time’s the charm

My Review
Third Times The Charm was the novella that I could most identify with. As a single mom who has been burned in a marriage, it's hard to want to trust someone again. In Liz's case she had already been married and divorced twice. Her most important thing in the world is her six-year-old daughter and she's not really interested in finding anyone new in her life. 

This novella covers some tough subjects, but is handled in such a delicate and realistic way. When Sloane comes into her life she is very wary at first. I loved the way that Sloane took to Liz's daughter Paisley right from the start. This novella is another one that focuses on learning to trust again and taking chances. Broken hearts are tough things to heal, but as this story proves when you find the find person it is possible. I love the way that Heather can make her romances hot, without bringing in the sex. Sometimes a nice, drawn out kiss is all you need. 

As always Heather writes with a smooth, flowing pace to make the story unfold perfectly. As novellas are so short, this is something that an author has to work on, but I think Heather has created a wonderful formula. I can always count on a good story written by Heather B. Moore.

Product Details

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  • Publisher: Mirror Press (February 4, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

 Book Description

Actually, Jess Giles has found her perfect match, but since Charlie is several years older than she, they never have a moment of harmony from his adult kids who protest the marriage. When Charlie dies in a tragic accident, his kids add insult to injury and sue Jess for her share of the inheritance. The only person Jess trusts for financial advice is Charlie’s financial planner, Preston Michaels. Just talking to Preston on the phone makes Jess feel flustered, yet strangely comfortable at the same time, so she puts off meeting him for as long as possible. When Jess has to attend the formal hearing, she’s about to find out if the man she’s been talking to over the phone for several months lives up to the voice that she’s grown attached to.

 *** I haven't read this one yet, but I wanted to include it here so you could see it belongs with this series. It looks really good and I want to read it soon. I love all of these characters that Heather has created.***

My interview with author Heather B Moore. 

For those who may not know a lot about novellas, she answers any questions you may have about them.

1.How does writing novellas differ from working on a full length novel?  

"You really need to plot a novella, even if you are a panster. Also, the plot is only 1-2 layers instead of multiple layers. Characterization is crucial since you have less time to do it in, and word choice becomes paramount. Also, the scope of a novella might only cover a few days or a few weeks in a character's life."

2.What do you think has brought about the surge in so many novellas being written right now? 

"It's faster and cheaper to produce and a great way to keep readers happy between releases of regular novels."

3.Are you working on more novellas? 

"Yes, I write for the Timeless Romance Anthology series, which releases a novella anthology every three months. Some of those stories have become spin-offs of other novels, or have stirred my interest in a character. When I wrote Picture Perfect for the Spring Vacation Anthology, I decided that I loved the set of characters so much that I created the Aliso Creek Novella series. The novella that will be out in August in the Autumn Anthology is a companion story to Finding Sheba, a thriller that will also be coming out in August."

About the Author
Heather B. Moore is the 2-time Best of State, 2-time Whitney Award & 2-time Golden Quill Award winning author of ten historical novels. Her historical fiction is published under the pen name H.B. Moore; first series is called Out of Jerusalem. Her second series includes Abinadi, Alma, Alma the Younger, and Ammon. Her newest historical thrillers are Daughters of Jared (2012), and Esther the Queen (2013), with Finding Sheba coming out in August 2013.
Heather is the co-author of The Newport Ladies Book Club Series (with Josi S. Kilpack, Annette Lyon & Julie Wright). Under the name of Heather B. Moore she's published Athena (The Newport Ladies Book Club), the bestselling anthology collection A Timeless Romance Anthology, the Aliso Creek Novella series, the historical romance Heart of the Ocean, the non-fiction works Christ's Gifts to Women (co-authored with Angela Eschler), Women of the Book of Mormon, and the upcoming Divinity of Women (2014, co-authored with S. Kent Brown).
Visit her blog for writing and book signing updates:
Heather loves to hear from readers at: or if you're an aspiring writer, she also manages the editing company, Precision Editing Group:

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