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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review of The Tyrant King by Cheri Chesley

Title: The Tyrant King

Author: Cheri Chesley

Publisher: Cheri Chesley

Published: August 13, 2012

ISBN: 9781470085575

Genre: Speculative

FTC FYI: Received a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review.

 Book Description:
Krystal's peaceful life as queen of Fayterra is shattered when a stranger arrives with a connection to Jareth that threatens to change everything. Soon her loved ones are threatened, her people are under attack, and Krystal must face a devastating loss. As the future becomes bleaker and the mystery continues to unravel, Krystal's enemies will learn just how far she will go to defend the people she loves.

Backcover Excerpt:
Her heart paused, but Krystal remained defiant.

"You lie. You would never do such a thing to my child."

"You think not?" He laughed again and she drew back.

"I've sworn an oath to annihilate my dear cousin's present and future, take over his kingdom and his crown, and fulfill my father's dreams. And you think I would hesitate to murder his offspring? Come now, Krystal. I know you are smarter than that."

My Review:

Main character Krystal, the Queen, wowed me with her inner strength when I read Cheri Chesley’s first book, The Peasant Queen. Though she was kidnapped and forced into a marriage she didn’t want, she remained strong for her real love Prince Jareth. In The Tyrant King, Krystal and Jareth’s love is still strong, made even finer by their young son Landry. Their life seems finally on track, but not for long. The late King Gregory’s unknown son, Donovan, shows up for Princess Alana’s wedding. Soon things are happening in the kingdom out of the King and Queen’s control. People are found dead and war is declared on King Jareth and the kingdom of Fayterra. This is when we see the Krystal from The Peasant Queen emerge. She truly is amazing! She supports her husband going off to war, and trains to fight. Again, Krstyal is not a helpless woman waiting for her knight in shining armor, she fights along side her knight to protect those she loves.
Cheri has given her readers another action packed novel full of intrigue. We know who the bad guy is, but we don’t always know when he will strike. Donovan runs a mean streak as vicious as his father. You know he is bad the second he enters the story. Why couldn’t the other characters see this? Well if they did, there wouldn’t have been a story. I also have to add I loved the sneak peek of book 3: The Lost Princess at the end of the book. Can’t wait to read that in 2013!

About the author
Currently blissful working mother of 5. Married to a fantastic, amazing, supportive man. I love to read, I love to write and I love taking pictures (though my skill is debatable lol).
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