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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review of The Next Door Boys by Jolene B. Perry




Product Details

  • Title: The Next Door Boys
  • Author: Jolene B. Perry
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Genre: YA
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (October 8, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1599559102
  • ISBN-13: 978-1599559100

Book Description:

With her body still recovering from last year's cancer treatments, Leigh Tressman is determined to be independent. Despite the interference from her overprotective brother, the ever-expanding line of young men ready to fall in love with her--not to mention the physical frustrations and spiritual dilemmas Leigh discovers what it actually means to stand on her own and learns that love can be found in unexpected but comfortable places.

My Review:
The Next Door Boys is really Leigh's story. It is her journey of recovery from cancer and finding herself and finding love. The story does take place on BYU (Brigham Young University) campus, and there are religious aspects, but none that any Christian would not be able to relate to.

The story does not revolve entirely around Leigh's cancer, but it does show how she is recovering and sometimes is struggling. Leigh is a very likable character, and you want good things to happen to her. Some of the characters are a bit full of cliches, like Noah, but since the story is so enjoyable, you can overlook them. This is a very character driven novel and Jolene writes her characters well. One of my favorite characters is Brian, one of The Next Door Boys. He is Leigh's brother, Jaren's, friend. Brian is older, a former military man and divorced with a son. Even with his rough life and background, Brian is someone that you want to like and possibly fall in love with.

Another aspect that I loved, was the relationship between Leigh and her older brother.They are very supportive of each other and there for one another. The interaction between the two siblings is some of the best dialogue in the novel. The feeling of family love is so strong and Leigh also has such wonderful parents. I could also relate to their Mom when she tended to be overprotective of Leigh. Though this bothered Leigh at times, as a Mom I understand.

I recommend this book to older teens and adults. With great characters and such a feel good story, this book is an easy read that many will enjoy.

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About the Author:

Jolene B. Perry

Image of Jolene B. Perry
Jolene Perry grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in political science and French, which she used to teach math to middle schoolers.
After living in Washington, Utah and Las Vegas, she now resides in Alaska with her husband, and two children. Aside from writing, Jolene sews, plays the guitar, sings when forced, and spends as much time outside as possible.

You can find her at

 ***I received an e-copy of this novel to review from Netgalley and Cedar Fort. In no way did this influence the honest review that was given.***

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