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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review of Nia by Mella Reese

Nia by Mella Reese
Released: March 03, 2011
Published By: Black Rose Writing
Pages: 224, Paperback
Young Adult
Source: Author/Blog Tour
Author Website| |Author Blog|

Excerpt from the book:
Suddenly this kneeling, filthy man caused all of my attention to pivot upon him when he grabbed my hand. I was just opening my mouth to warn him that he would surely be one was allowed to touch me, Princess Nia, without permission. My protesting words were replaced with a swift intake of breath as the soldier produced a strange-looking dagger and drug it lightly over my finger. I stared in wonderment as he gently squeezed my fingertip to produce just one red ball of blood, my blood. Then the man kneeling before me swiped the blood from my finger with his own and plunged it into his mouth. "Your blood is now my blood. Your world is now my world. Your life is now my life," were the words he chanted...

Nia is a young princess who never wants to be Queen. With the death of her mother, and three brothers, she is next in line to succeed to the throne. Her stern father, King Cadell truly does not accept her because Nia is a healer and The King is a man of War.

The book begins when King Cadell and his armies have conquered another kingdom. The king of said conquered kingdom, gives his 4th son, Garreth, to become Princess Nia's peronal guard. Garreth is to stay by Nia's side both day and night. At first Nia hates having this man following her around everywhere. As the story progresses, we see how Garreth and Nia conquer fears that have been with them forever and form a solid friendship.

The story went in a direction I hadn't forseen or expected. I truly wanted something else to happen that never emerged. I do not want to say anything else or I would be giving away many key happenings in the story. Let's just say how happy I was to hear that there will be a sequel. I am hoping to see the "development" that I had assumed would happen. There is no question that my favorite characters are both Nia and Garreth.

This story has character deaths and battle scenes that I would characterize under the term of "mild" violence shown/talked about. This story takes place in a medieval kingdom with no magic or fantasty elements. It seems that there should be more romance in this story considering the situation. Hopefully there will be more romantic elements in book two. The mean and evil characters in this story do their job well, so kudos to Mella Reese and her writing. I was surprised at the departure of two of the most despised characters about half way through the book. The people behind the mayhem at the end is such a HUGE surprise! I had heard that there were twists and turns in this book and it is 100% true.

There was only one element in the story that confused me. There is a big time jump in time near the end of the story. I kind of wish that Mella had gone more in depth what was happening during the two year time period. This time jump is mentioned and a few details of what happened during those two years.

Overall, this book is a fun book full of history, friendship and sacrifice, and a litttle romance. I am hoping for more romance in book two. There is so much more to be explored with my favorite characters Nia and Garreth.

To learn more about Mella and her book Nia you can go to her website or blog.

**I was given a review copy of Nia and in no way did this influence the review written.**

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  1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful review of "Nia"! Yes, there are two more books in the series.

    Warm Regards,
    Mella Reese

  2. Great review, Sheila, thank you!


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