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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"R" Is For My Favorite Color: Red

"R" is for my favorite color RED! I have always loved this color. Some people have said that red goes along with my personality. Here are some of those personality traits that go along with the color RED found at

Having a personality color red identifies you as extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.

With a favorite color red, you like to be the center of attention - in fact all reds crave attention - other people are drawn to the vitality and sense of excitement you emit.

You are stimulating to be with and you radiate a great deal of energy.

As a lover of the personality color red, you are ambitious and competitive and like to be the winner - you are achievement orientated and second place is not good enough for you. With you it is all or nothing.

You usually gain the respect of others quite easily with your practical and grounded attitude and ability to set boundaries.

Lovers of red are the explorers and pioneers of the world, the entrepreneurs and builders who like to be first in discovering new physical realms.

If you favor the personality color red you have a passion and enthusiasm for life and are not afraid to pursue your dreams and goals.

You are impulsive - you should count to 10 before reacting to situations as it is in these situations that your anger and aggression often appears.

You are always in a hurry, wanting to do everything right now. Patience is not one of your strong points.
(Not true with me. I have incredible patience!)

You do not procrastinate - you never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

You are a hard worker and you enjoy physical labor and working with your

Red people can be aggressive and easy to anger, often exhibiting a violent temper - this is negative passion and energy. You flare up instantaneously but calm down quite quickly once you get it out of your system and then forget it ever happened -
you do not hold a grudge.

Lovers of red are probably not particularly spiritual or religious - however if you do participate in religious activities it is the physical customs and rituals that you are drawn to, the singing, Communion and other rituals, organizing the church fete and other fundraising activities, the physical part of being there. Red people like to take care of the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty, the practical aspects and physical preparation of organizing an event.

You have a strong need for power and control which is connected to your basic survival instincts.

You can be somewhat of a know-it-all, not wanting to appear unintelligent or ignorant.

You are a good worker, although not necessarily a good boss - your aggressive nature doesn't serve you well in management positions. Because you are action orientated you are good at meeting deadlines and getting the job done at the right time.

You can be quite determined when you want something, but tend to have a short attention span, moving on to the next best thing when you quickly get bored with the previous one - you want it all and you want it now!

You may have an over active ego and appear over confident with a super inflated sense of your own worth.

Your deepest need is for physical achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction and to experience life through the five senses.

Many of these do describe me and others don't. It still was fun to read this. Head on over to Empower Yourself With Color, and find the color that you like the most. See what traits you have are similar to the color traits listed.

Please remember to enter the contest going on here at my blog this week. You can enter to win a copy of the novel, "Bumpy Landings" by Don Carey. If you head down a few posts you cam see how easy it is to enter to win this book.

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