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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Do You Think About...Wednesday With My 2nd Grade Class and Contest Winner Announced

Today's "What Do You Think About... Wednesday" question is answered by my 2nd grade class. I was struggling with what question I wanted answered this week. As I stood there in my classroom thinking about this, it came to me that I was going to ask my class the question. I in no way coerced them or told them what to write on their papers. But here is the question I wrote on the board for them to answer...

What do you like about school?

Here are their answers and I did not include any of their names.

-I like school because sometimes we do art or something really fun. Or P.E., computer lab, library, music; that is why.

-I like school because when holidays come we get to do fun activities and I like my teacher and centers. what I don't like about school is math, "speeling", vocabulary test, comprehension test, recess and tests.

-I like school because I learn stuff. But I do not like school it is too long and I do not like Rocket Math.

-I like school because it's FUN! and SO awesome!! But I have the bestest! most Greatest! Teacher of them all. Mrs. Staley!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I like school because I have a nice teacher and we do lots of fun things that I like. And I make lots of friends.

-I like school because math and homework is the best and recess and Rocket Math.

-I like school because my teacher is SO SO SO awesome!!!!! And that's why I like school!

-I like it because I like to do my work. Because I have a nice teacher.

-I like school because I am happy and I learn a lot from here.

-Boring all the work. BORING!

-I like school because I have a nice teacher and fun math.

-I have a great teacher!!

-I like to go to school because I get to see the neighborhood. What I don't like is I go in a car.

-I like school because my classmates are nice and my teacher is nice too.

-I like school because it helps you learn. And some day you get to go to the spelling test. School is fun. You can know math and learn a lot. School is fun.

-I like school because school is fun. I don't like school because of math.

-What I think about I love at school is cause my teacher is the best and cause she teached me how to figure the numbers because we learn math a lot.

-I like school because I have a fun teacher!

-I like school because I have a nice principal and teacher.

-I like school because I have a nice teacher. I have a lot of friends. I love recess. My friends like to play with me. I love math. I love calendar. And everybody is so nice.

-I love school because of centers and art and some math like these 19+4= 23 and it's really fun.

-I like school because I have the best teacher and friends.

I have to say that it was very uplifting to read my student's answers. I really did not pay them or bribe them in any way to say that they like me. I know that this is the best payment that I could ever receive in my job. reading their answers is also very enlightening to me to see how they are feeling about school. I hope that you enjoyed reading their answers!

NOW....the winner of The Squeaky Gourmet Cookbook is....Valerie Ipson! Congratulations to you. E-mail me your address and I will get the cookbook mailed out to you. Thank you everyone who participated!

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