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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Review of, "The Fourth Nephite" by Jeffrey S. Savage

Busted. Football star Kaleo Steele is caught under the high school bleachers with the wrong group of friends. Even worse, he's caught by his seminary teacher, Brother Mortensen. If Kaleo gets turned in, he'll be in jeopardy of missing the regional championship game.

It doesn't help that Kaleo has been cutting seminary class. But what's the point? Mumbo jumbo stories about angels and gold plates and Joseph Smith? Brother Mortensen decides Kaleo is ready for an extraordinary "field trip" - one that could alter the course of his life and his heart.

Reluctantly, Kaleo meets with Ladan - a mysterious old blind man - and unknowingly begins a quest through time, landing in Palmyra, New York, in the fall of 1827.

Soon, Kaleo and a nineteenth-century girl named Jennie are caught up in a battle between treasure seekers - led by Alistair Blackburn, a necromancer hired to steal the gold plates - and the young Joseph Smith, who has sworn to keep them safe.

In his quest to find a key that will send him back to his own time, Kaleo will have to decide for himself what to believe and who to trust. Before it's too late.

This is a great new book from Jeffrey S. Savage. LDS teens and their parents will love this book and so will adults who love YA books. I love the concept of going back in time, especially to meet the Prophet Joseph. This will be another great series by Jeff. (At least I think this is going to be a series. If I am incorrect Jeff, let everyone know. It just seems to be something that would make a great series.)

I always read his books so quickly. He is an awesome writer. He knows how to create wonderful characters that you love to care about. The main character,Kaleo, learns a lot on his adventure. At first you think he is another sassy kid that just doesn't "get it". By the end of the book, his testimony grows and yours can't help but be strengthened by what Kaleo learns from The Prophet Joseph Smith. This is a book I will be sharing with my own children and my nieces and nephews.

Another note, I loved reading the author notes at the end of the book. They are great! You will get a feel of what Jeff is really like; besides being a fantastic author,he is a really great guy with a super sense of humor.

I bought my copy of this book at the Book Academy Writers Conference and had it signed there by the author.

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  1. Hey, Sheila, you won a t-shirt over at my blog. (10/25-Monday's post)

    Jeff's new book looks perfect for my teenage son.


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