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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Get a First Chapter Preview of Gregg Luke's New Novel, "Blink of An Eye"

Author Gregg Luke has a new thriller out July 1, 2010 called "Blink of an Eye". I love the cover of this new book. Gregg has written some fabulous mystery/suspense novels such as "Do No Harm" and "Altered State". These books are so good, that they have been finalists for a Whitney Award in the mystery/suspense category for the past two years. I don't have any doubt that "Blink of an Eye" will be a finalist again for a Whitney.

Gregg has made available the first chapter of "Blink of an Eye" to readers. You need to read this! It will definitely hook you into wanting more on July 1st!

Gregg was willing to answer a few questions for me to give us a brief look at the writing of his new book.

1-What is "
Blink of an Eye" about?
BLINK is about Joseph Ramirez, a young man who suffers a severe head trauma, and instead of it causing amnesia, it brings to mind things he had no idea he'd ever experienced. Most of these events take place in his early childhood, including an instance where he may have murdered his father. Overall, the book is about relationships and how powerfully they can influence our lives.

2-The title of this book is awesome! Did you come up with this title?
Yes, I came up with the title. It indicates not only how fast Joseph's life changes after the accident, but also how fast he repressed the horrific memories he could no longer live with.

3-How long did it take you to write "Blink of an Eye"?
I wrote BLINK in about 11 months. Then were several weeks of agonizing rehash, rewrite, and editing. Ugh!

4-Is this your favorite book you have written?
I love how BLINK turned out. It has some very intense moments and moments that stir the emotions. There's also a little humor in it. It's quite a bit different from my previous novels in that there's not much chemistry in it. The science is still accurate but it only takes a secondary role in the story.

5-Are you going to be having a book launch where people can go to buy your book and get it signed?
I don't know about an official book launch, but Covenant does schedule me for several book signings around the time of release. I love to meet fans and learn about their love of reading.

You can also learn more about Gregg Luke by going to his website.

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