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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My 2010 Reading Challenges Update: 3-13-10/ Taking Chances AND enter to win a free book!

Here is my most recent update on my reading challenges for 2010. One challenge is moving ahead faster than the other.

Young Adult Reading Challenge:

I have read seven Young Adult books so far in 2010. My goal is to read 75 Young Adults books by the end of the year. I know that I will be inching ahead in this challenge as the year progresses. Many of the books that I want to read in 2010 are Young Adult books. Most of them are just starting to come out starting this month. I still have plenty of time to reach this goal.

2010 100+ Reading Challenge:

I have read 23 books so far for this reading challenge. I am doing better in this challenge because of all of the books I have been reading for the Whitney Awards. I need to have the 5 finalists read in each category by April 3rd, when the voting needs to be done. I have been reading like a crazy women and enjoying it along the way. The thing that I have enjoyed the most is the wide variety of books that I have been able to read.I know that there are some books that I never would have read if not having to read them for the Whitneys.

I think that this is a lesson for all of us. Sometimes we need to take more chances in life. Maybe one small area this can be done is in our reading selections. We tend at times to stick with the safe, normal things that we are used to. How often do we step outside of the box and take a chance on something new? Many times as these new opportunities come along, we are surprised and enriched by the new things.
My challenge for you readers is this, go peruse your local book store. Carefully sail past the section you normally drift to and hang out. (Yes, hanging out at a book store IS great fun for me!) Wander off to a section you only glance at and actually go and stand there and look at the covers. When a cover catches your eyes take the book and read the back cover. Then here is where the fun starts, actually go and sit down somewhere and read the first chapter. This experience is called, "Taking Chances". The good things is, it is not life threatening, is not expensive and doesn't make you gain weight. It also can help you discover something new and interesting about yourself and your interests.

Now after you have done this activity, please come back here and share about your experience. Reading a new genre of book is not the only way to take chances. If you try anything new, maybe a new food, recipe, etc. you also can come back here to share about that. Those who share about this experience get one entry in the drawing for a chance to win a copy of "Love Your Body: A Diet-Free Approach to Balanced Eating" By Brooke Parker. I blogged about this book last week.

So how can you enter to win this book? Here you go....

#1-Share here on my blog how you took a chance on something new and how it went.

#2-Become a follower on my blog. If you are already a follower, you already have one entry in the drawing. If you have one of your friends come follow my blog, let me know and you get 2 entries.

#3-Tell about this blog about taking chances and the drawing on your blog. Let me know here that you placed this on your blog with a link.

#4- Tell others about the drawing on facebook and twitter and then you get 2 more entries.

OK Ready, Set, Go...Take Some Chances!

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  1. I'm at 18 on the 100+ Challenge. A lot of Whitneys are helping with that.

    I'm also doing the YA Debut Authors and the Spring Reading Thing. (See my sidebar.) I'll probably do her Fall one as well.

    I may also host a challenge this summer and winter. And do LDS Publisher's summer challenge, if she does it again this year.

  2. Wow Karlene! You are a busy reader like I am. If you host a challenge this summer and winter I will participate. :)

  3. Hi Sheila!That sounds like so much fun!

  4. I recently read a YA contemporary--which I'm not usually prone to read. I found it both deep and touching. I can't say which because technically, it hasn't been released yet but it was out of my norm. =]

    Good to find you, Sheila! So great to meet you the other week. =]


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