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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Round 5 of 2010 Books I Want To Read: Danyelle Ferguson, and Jane Still in the Spotlight

My Round 5 picks of books I want to read in 2010 are here. There are some names of authors that you may not be familiar with. I am happy to introduce you to them.

Danyelle Ferguson is the co-author of a new non-fiction book coming out in June, 2010. Here is the information I found about it on Valor Publishing's website.

(dis)Abilities in the Gospel: A Guide for Families and Church Leaders

by Danyelle Ferguson andLynn Parsons
Release Date: 1 June 2010

1 in every 70 boys in the US is affected by autism -- and 1 in every 110 children has autism spectrum disease. For every733 babies born, 1 baby is born with Down syndrome.

Every day, families and church leaders are faced with concerns about how to teach the gospel to individuals with special needs and develop eternal family relationships.

(dis)Abilities in the Gospelis the resource these families and church
leaders are seeking.
(dis)Abilities in the Gospelis filled with information and stories to help Church leaders and families of individuals with mental disabilities, such as Autism, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Church leaders will find practical and creative teaching tips and programs to help with issues such as transitions, communication barriers, and behaviors. Families will find answers to questions like, "Should my child be baptized?" or "Will my son serve a mission?" as well as steps to teach prayer and scripture study.

(dis)Abilities in the Gospelhelps church leaders and families understand they are not alone in their struggles. Through this guide, they will find answers to their questions, as well as a renewed hope to continue their journey to build strong relationships and teach individuals withspecial needs the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Price: TBD
Publisher: Valor Publishing Group, LLC (June 1, 2010)
Genre: Non-Fiction
Binding: Trade Paperback

Danyelle wanted me to let my readers know this...

"One thing I want to emphasize with our book is that it's not only for LDS congregations. There are sections of it that answer LDS specific questions - such as baptism, callings, and going to the temple. But the core of the book how to adapt lessons and teach individuals with special needs in a general church classroom setting & developing good communication between church leaders and families are all applicable to any church denomination. Lynn & I are also willing to meet with any church's leadership to teach these skills and answer questions."

This book will be such a valuable resource for all people who work with special needs children in a special setting, such as church.

If you would like to learn more about Danyelle please visit her blog here.You can also go to her official authors website here to learn more about what she is working on.


The next author I want to you meet is Jane Still. She has

written a book called, "Mother's Daze". The title made me laugh so hard when I first read it. There are so many days, I really feel like I am in a daze trying to be a good Mom.

Here is what it says on the back cover:

"The perfect Mother's Day book is finally here! This witty take on what it means to be a mother will leave you with aching sides and a full heart. From the exciting and awkward changes of pregnancy to the quirky ups and downs of adjusting to a new baby, Mother's Daze is full of humorous stories and everyday realities that mothers of all ages will relate to. Author Jane Isfeld Still uses her own mothering experience and her frank wit to celebrate the honest-to-goodness truth about the most difficult-and greatest-job on earth. This hilarious book won't fail to leave you laughing. "

I love to read humorous books about being a Mom. I need to realize that I should laugh more while mothering my kids and that it does not have to be serious all of the time. Jane's book will leave you smiling and able to take a deep breath. Some times we take ourselves too seriously and have to have everything perfect; perfect house, perfect children and perfect "you". This is not realistic and this book points out that this is OK.

Here are some of the chapter titles:

-An Eye for Discipline

-It's Not in My Head

-The Miracle of Birth and

-Keep the Guilt and Pass the Chocolate(I think that this chapter will be my favorite!)

Mother's Daze will be released by Cedarfort publishing, on March 8th, 2010. Pick up a copy for yourself as well as one for a friend, sister, neighbor etc.

Also, go to Jane's blog,Mother's Daze or email herhere. You can also follow her on facebook or twitter. I know that she would love to hear from you.


Every day I find something else new that I want to read in 2010. I wish that I had more time to post about all of the books. I will still try to blog about them when I can.

FYI...Earlier, I had reported the title I had heard(The Victors) that supposedly was being given to the new Hunger Games book. Well, the official title is out and the 3rd Hunger Games book will be called....The Mockingjay. The release date is still the same and you will be able to read the new book on August 24th. I can't wait to read this book!! Are you team Peeta or Team Gale?

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  1. Sheila - Thank you so much for spotlighting my book! Funny enough, last night the title was changed by my publisher - only slightly though! It will be called (dis)Abilities and the Gospel.

    I'm excited to have you read and review the book! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Danyelle and Jane are both such talented women who have worked hard to hone their craft. I'm so excited for them both. Great spotlights.

  3. Loved the post! I'm excited every time I think about all the families and others who will be helped by our book!

  4. Sheila- Will you let me know after you read (dis)Abilities and the Gospel if it a book that I would want to read (Sierra), or if it is geared toward more functional disabilities. Thanks.
    Also, I am hooked. You got me going on the "Hunger Games" series. I can't pick a team and I am really curious to see how Katniss works it out.

  5. I will let you know.

    I am so happy that you are hooked on The Hunger Games. I think i know who Katniss will choose. I just have a feeling. :)


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