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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Round 2 of 2010 Books I Want To Read

Annette Lyon

2010 is going to be a big year for author Annette Lyon. She has two very different books that will be coming out this year. The first book is a novel called, "Band of Sisters". On Annette's website, this is what she has to say about her new, upcoming novel,

"Five women, five husbands deployed to Afghanistan: five families changed forever.
Band of Sisters will be released in March. In conjunction with the novel’s
publication, I’m helping to raise funds for the Flat Daddy program to
help families with a deployed parent."

Author Annette Lyon

You can go to her website to learn more about the Flat Daddy program. (
I look forward to reading this new novel from Annette. The past few
years she has written her wonderful historical fiction, "Temple series".
This will be a change for her fans, as she tackles a modern novel with such a poignant topic. Most of us know someone who has been to Afghanistan or who will be going there soon. Bravo for Annette, for showing the struggles of the families left behind. This book is another one coming out in March, 2010.

The other book Annette Lyon has coming out this year is her "Chocolate Cookbook"
This is the much-anticipated chocolate cookbook, with over 120 mouth-watering recipes. Stay tuned for the delicious details! I have, along with many other followers of Annette on Twitter, have salivated pools as she has told us about her many trials trying new recipes. I think I gained weight just reading about the yummy things that will be in the cookbook. If you love chocolate, this is a cookbook you will not be able to live with out trying. I will let you know when I hear of a release date.

Rachelle J. Christensen, is another author who has two books coming out this year. The first book is a murder/mystery/romance called ,"Wrong Number" that sounds very good! I found this little blurb on her website and wanted you to read it also.


When Aubree Stewart answers her cell phone on the way to work one day, she isn’t prepared for her life to change. Someone dialed a wrong number, a simple mistake. But the call changes everything when Aubree overhears information about the murder of a government official. Now she must run for her life as the caller tries to eliminate her.

Aubree is placed in the witness protection program, but when the FBI’s protection fails, she heads out on her own. She soon realizes she’ll never stop running until she can solve the mystery behind the wrong number. Unable to trust anyone but herself, she’s cautious about accepting the help of a Park Ranger named Wyatt Erickson. As she struggles to keep herself hidden from the enemy, she finds it harder to protect her heart.

Teeming with government plots, a dash of romance, and plenty of intrigue, Rachelle J. Christensen’s Wrong Number will have your heart pounding the next time the phone rings!"

I think the cover of this book is just fantastic! I wonder if this is going to be one of those books I shouldn't read right before I go to bed? I can't wait to try out my theory. The date of release on this book is March 8, 2010.

The other book Rachelle has being published is very close to my heart. It is called, "Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage For Latter-Day Saints; Release date May 2010. From my experience, there are not enough good books out there to help those of us that have lost children; whether at 11 weeks or 35 weeks. I found this personal note on Rachelle's blog to explain about her non-fiction book and why she wrote it.

Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage for Latter-day Saints
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. April 2010

After my second miscarriage and struggle with infertility, I searched for answers to my questions in the gospel. It was hard to understand why I couldn’t have a baby when I wanted one so desperately and it was terrible to cope with the loss of my babies from miscarriage.
I felt alone and couldn’t find anything to answer all my questions and offer comfort.
This is why I wrote Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage for Latter-day Saints. I wanted to lighten the load of those who are suffering from miscarriage and provide tools for those who would like to comfort someone in need.

Women of the church desperately need this book to help them in one of the most difficult situations they will face on this earth as they try to obey the commandment of the Lord to “multiply and replenish the earth.” Everyone affected by these problems knows others who suffer similarly. This book would be a wonderful gift for those desiring to give comfort, as well as a self-help book to aid the grieving person.

My blog, offers more information and a forum for those suffering from loss. "

I know that many lives will be touched by Rachelle writing this book. I truly look forward to reading it. There are still many wounds left in my heart that need healing after my losses, 11 years and 4 years ago respectively. I always feel that people who write books like this have been inspired from above. Thank you Rachelle. You can visit Rachelle at her blog here.

Well, I have not even touched the surface yet, about books I plan on reading in 2010. There will be more coming soon. Make sure, to sign up to follow my personal blog here, so you don't miss out on future posts of great 2010 reads.

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  1. Wow, Sheila! Thank you so much. I appreciate your comments about my upcoming books. Thanks for featuring them on your blog. Can't wait to see what you think. :)


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