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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Living With an Author...The Male Perspective By Lee Kilpack

Many people loved the interview with Jen Savage, wife of author J. (Jeff) Scott Savage. The best feedback I received from that post was this...people wanted to hear from the male perspective.

I thought a lot about the many wonderful female authors that I know. One came to mind though, because I know she had been super busy and on the road during December, leaving her family behind. Author, Josi Kilpack, along with fellow author and friend, Julie Wright, went on a road tour to promote their books. Guess who stayed home keeping down the fort? Yes, it was their amazing husbands. Since I know Josi better than I do Julie, I decided to pick on Josi's husband Lee. (I promise to pick on your family another time Julie!)

Anyone that knows Lee, knows how funny he is. I did not realize this fact until I asked for a picture of him of he
and Josi together. I laughed until I cried when I first saw it!

1. What is it like being married to an author?

What is it not like? Josi has been writing for most of our marriage so it has just become a part of our lives. It’s been a lot of fun to watch Josi develop as a person and an author. I’ve enjoyed watching her develop her talents. I have a permanent image of Josi sitting at the table writing, with an apple at the side with a bite taken out of it (she likes her Mac). It’s inspiring to see her work through her challenges and to grow and develop. I was on an airplane a few months ago and saw a woman reading one of Josi’s book—it was one of my favorite experiences to introduce myself and see her face.

2 What has been the best way to support your spouse as she is pursuing her writing dreams?

Being supportive of the time she needs to focus on her writing and holding down the fort when she’s writing, or on book tours, or at book groups, or at book signings or at book conferences. She’s also thanked me for keeping her grounded when she gets too obsessive. When I tell her that things are out of order, that the computer is getting more of her than us, she gets mad, but then realizes I’m usually right.

3. How do you feel that you have contributed to her success?

I’ve tried to boost her confidence when things are hard, like she does for me. I’ve had success in my businesses and I know she’s a part of that. I could not have done what I have done without her. She often says the same things about my support of her writing. We make a good team.

4.What has been the hardest part of having your spouse pursue her writing career?

The constantness (that might not be a real word) of always having something she’s working on. There are always deadlines, events, conferences and pressures. As Josi’s career has become more successful there are more things required of her. It’s hard for her to keep up with and it’s hard for us, as a family, to make room for it. Our family makes a lot of sacrifices. Sometimes they aren’t hard to do, other times they take a lot out of us.

5. What would be your best advice for others who are married to an author or an aspiring author?

Help them to strike a balance between supporting them and their dreams but also not going overboard so that their family suffers for it. Help them maintain their priorities and see that they should be getting fulfillment from their writing and should write ultimately for themselves whether they published a hundred books or never publish a single one.

6. What has been the most exciting part of Josi’s writing career so far?

Winning the Whitney award and seeing the lady reading the book on the plane. Those are moments that remind me how hard she’s worked and how much people have enjoyed her books. I love hearing people tell me they loved something she wrote. It’s nice that she can pay for the damage to my cars now instead of me having to pay for it now (she’s got a problem with backing into cars in the driveway).

7.What are your hopes and dreams for Josi in the coming years?

I hope some day she buys me a car, or even just her own car. I hope she’ll reach her potential and a point where she’s happy and content with where her career has gone and that she’s maximized her talents and abilities to the best she could. Maybe she’s there now, or maybe there is more to come. But more than anything I want her to be happy with what she’s done and enjoy all the moments.

I want to thank Lee for all of his honest answers. Josi told me that he was goofing around when he was first trying to answer the questions.

Here is what she said, "I wish he’d have written his first answers, we were laughing our heads off. Things like......

What advice do you have for a spouse? He said “Run away! Tell them you’ll pay them or buy them a car or anything if they’ll just not write a single word.” He’s such a card. Once he got through the humor portion we could get the real answers."

I actually wish that he had sent both answers; the humorous and the more serious. I hope that you enjoyed hearing the male perspective of a spouse of an author. If there is any author out there, that would like to volunteer their spouse for this same interview, let me know in the comments.
I also want to remind you of Josi's new book that is coming out this month. She also is having a contest on her blog to win a copy of Devils Food Cake. Here is the information.

Wanna Win a Book? Devil's Food Cake Blog Contest

I'm giving away two copies of Devil's Food Cake to a random blogger who advertises the book on their website. You are welcome to link to the book cover on my website or here on my blog. It doesn't have to be a review--unless you have already read it--and it doesn't have to be long.

Here's the rules:

1--Between now and February 8th post an announcement about the release of Devil's Food Cake, book three in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series.

2--Be sure it includes a link to my website, where they can read the first chapter, AND a link to Deseret Books website in case they want to buy the book ( and )

3--Come back here and leave a comment telling me where it's posted.

4--Cross your fingers!

EXTRA ENTRY: If you HAVE read Devil's Food Cake, leave a review on, goodreads, library thing, shelfari, or an entry for EVERY review posted (just copy and paste the same one if you want) Let me know where you posted them. If you don't want a copy of Devil's Food Cake (since you might already have one), you can choose any of my other titles.

On February 8th I will draw two random names from the list using and will announce the lucky winners. Thanks for playing, you guys, and for spreading the word. MUCH appreciated.

So there you go! I am really hoping that I will win one of the copies of Devils Food Cake. I can't wait to read it!!!!

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  1. Josi and Lee have an amazing relationship. They are funny and adorable together and yet they WORK WELL together which is a rare combination. it's awesome to watch them support each other in all the things they do.

  2. I can tell that they are a great couple. I hope to find what they have the 2nd time around.

    So Julie, are you game next time I need a family to volunteer? I can tell, that you and your husband are also amazing together.

  3. I keep hearing about this series, and I'm going to have to pick it up.

    Nice to "meet" you too--my first visit to your blog. I found you by searching Summer in Paris, which I'm reviewing for Valor next month. It's always nice to meet another book lover.


  4. I don't know how I missed this when it was first posted - so glad I discovered it on your blog. Great article.


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