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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

To Have Or to Hold: by Josi S. Kilpack

To Have or to Hold To Have or to Hold by Josi S. Kilpack

This was such a good read! I needed to read a romance that wasn't cookie cutter sweet and that had a lot of angst. It still is a good LDS romance, but it had a kick that many LDS Romances are not brave enough to attempt! Good job Josi Kilpack on this novel.

This was a hard one to put down.I have to admit reading it during my lunchtime and avoiding eating in the faculty lounge so I could finish this book and not have to talk to anyone. I get a little weird when I really want to read a book, so I take advantage of any spare time I can get.

I will warn you, the main character is not the most likable character I have ever "met", but you grow to love her and care about her each chapter you read. As for the main male character, well what can I say, I really liked him.

Now Josi has several books that she has written, but I wanted to tell you about her last two books that made me shake in my boots and think hard about two facts: internet predators and identity theft.

With Sheep's Clothing, Josi wrote a novel that every parent, especially those of teenagers, should read with their children. The main character is an almost 16 year old girl, the oldest of six children, that is feeling neglected and misunderstood. She soon meets a "friend" on the internet who introduces her to her "cousin" and they become friends. Jess becomes too involved with her "friend' and soon disappears and all is not as it seemed. That is all I will tell you, but know this, it struck great fear in me for all children out there who peruse the internet daily. Many parents are naive about what and whom is really out there threatening our children. It is up to us to always know the sites that our children visit and who they may be chatting with. Josi was honored last year at the Whitney Awards for this well written book, and was given the award for best book in Suspense/ Mystery.

This year, Josi released another book that makes you think, called, " Her Good Name" about identity theft. Before I read the book I wondered if anything could keep up with Sheep's Clothing. I breathlessly read this new book, awestruck at how easy it is for ones identity to be stolen. Other emotions that came from reading this book, upset stomach, heart palpitations, and my head spinning (not literally folks!) Josi has written another must read book for both men and women. OK guys, yes there is a mildly disguised romance behind this novel, but the crux of the novel is how easy it is to become a victim and how hard it is to get your good name back. This novel will really make you think twice before using a credit/debit card and never letting that card out of your sight at any time.

I hope that you will also go read Josi's website and blog. She is a wonderful writer and an amazing person. I hope that she continues to write great novels for a very long time. Every book of hers that I have read so far, and she has written 8 novels, I have read quickly and had a hard time putting them down; hence me becoming a social hermit when one of her books is in my hand. OK, now what are you waiting for...get reading!

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  1. Great blog!
    I love Josi. She's an excellent author and a neat lady:o)

  2. Love Josi's books. She's a great writer and always a good read.

  3. I am excited to read some of her books.

  4. A freind of yours referred me here--how did I miss it before now? My head is about to explode thought :-) Thanks Sheila.


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