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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back-To-School Time

It's hard to believe, but it's that time of year again. Those of us with year round school get to experience this before traditional schools do.

My kids start back next week. I have had "Back-to-School" on my mind a lot. Between back to school shopping, haircuts, "normal" bedtimes" being reinstated, I have been trying to prepare for the big day. As always, I search the Internet for new ideas to make this season fun and exciting. I did not have to look far when I headed over to a favorite place I search often, They have some fabulous ideas all at one site to get you and your children ready for the new school year.

The first thing that caught my eye was: "Great Breakfasts and Morning Time Savers". I don't know about your house, but mornings are not the most pleasant time of the day. Biggest problem is Mom is not a morning person...but, despite this I am always looking for ideas to get everyone out the door faster and still in a cheery mood. I liked all of the ideas for healthy, but fast breakfasts, to feed your kids. Mine were actually interested in this recipe (believe it or not, and I have picky eaters)

Banana Dog

You won't find this fruity impostor at a ball game or backyard barbecue, but it sure makes a doggone wholesome "fast food" breakfast.Check out other fun ideas for A Better Breakfast.
Whole-grain hot dog bun
Peanut butter
Wheat germ or sunflower seeds
1. Simply spread a whole-grain hot dog bun with peanut butter, sprinkle with wheat germ or sunflower seeds, and top with a whole, peeled banana and a squiggle of jam.
2.Add a side of milk to round out the meal.
Variation: For a Banana Burrito, substitute a tortilla for the bun.

We will also be trying out many of the other recipes that are there.

Another idea that appealed to my "Let's make this year the best one ever" was the section called, "Morning Rush Hour Time Savers". It had suggestions for

- Keeping organized(the best revenge ever)

-Plan Ahead

-Making it Fun

-Keeping track of Things

-Getting the Kids Involved

-Lunch Inspirations

One idea that I am going to try to Motivate my kids in the morning is this woman's idea:

For my girls, ages 5 and 11, I place a cup with 5 quarters in it, one for each day of the week, along with a list of "to-do" items for getting ready in the morning (brush hair, eat breakfast, brush teeth, take inhaler and vitamins, put snacks in backpack, make sure they have lunch or lunch money, make bed, etc.). If they forget something or I have to tell them twice, then one quarter is taken out of the cup. However much is left on Friday morning is all theirs. Some people see this as bribery; I see it as well worth the $2.50 to avoid morning chaos. This worked well for my family all last year. Submitted by: Michele R

Other categories found on the site include, A+ lunches and Snacks, Back to school crafts, Fun stuff to make and wear, School year guide for parents and many more great things that you need to head over there to read.

Hopefully,this has made you excited about the new school year; knowing that there is somewhere you can go to help you make some great new plans for the new year. I for one, am always open to trying new things if it will make my life run a little smoother.

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  1. We tried the Banana Dog and they were a hit! Thanks for passing along a great idea.


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